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#FridayFotoFiction: The Escape

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The Escape

Her scarf came undone, letting loose her auburn curls which flew around her face as she raced down the pavement. Dodging fellow walkers, baby strollers, leashed dogs; she paused to check behind her. The three men were still hot on her trail. Breathing hard, she turned into an alley and hit a dead-end. Panicking she looked around and noticed a door standing smack-bang in the middle of the street. A shimmer of light glowed from under it while a pair of keys dangled from the lock. Knowing she only had a few seconds, she turned the key and ……..

Linking up this post for Day #9 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge

Writing this 100 word post for the prompt #FridayFotoFiction #Week7 and linking it here 

Tina Basu

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20 thoughts on “#FridayFotoFiction: The Escape

  1. Love this! What is ‘Friday Foto Fiction’? Is it something anyone can sign up for? I’m always looking for ways to boost my creative writing…

    1. Thanks Cindy- yeah its a prompt based writing. Shared the link on the facebook posting; hope to see you attempting it this week! Cheers

  2. And… And… Whatt… You just left me like that… I want to knowwww… A curious cat like me will never sleep… OK I will just assume that hides in there and is safe. Loved the fast paced narration.

    1. Thanks so much Raj. Yeah she went in and was safe or maybe there was an alternate universe…. Keep hanging till there is another fictional post to write and maybe I could then expand on this! Cheers

    1. Thanks so much Divyakshi – cant take credit for the pic as its part of the prompt. But yeah had to be short and brief with my words as the limit is 100 words- glad to know I could convery it all

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