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My Diwali mantra 2016 is Declutter


Diwali thy name declutter was my mantra for this year.I have had this feeling all year-long to make space in my life by clearing out not just material stuff but relationships, people and issues too.

I started with making peace with what’s on my plate rather than asking for more or cribbing about what I don’t have .
I let go of friendships which were hurting me. Why do people insist on being friends when they don’t have time or value or need for me? I used to think these friends were unappreciative and just using me. But Maybe I was the pile-on in their lives as opposed to them being a nuisance in mine? Maybe I forced myself on them and they were too polite to tell me?

Money and work has been a major concern but that too was over thinking on my part. It all is there in my life but I have been focusing on the wrong direction.

Cleaning out my cupboards and letting go of all the material stuff I have been hoarding with excuses like;

  • I will reduce 5 kg and fit into those jeans.
  • I will use these glasses for when I have a large set of ppl over
  • The empty jars, plastic containers, wrapping sheets, used ribbons, cardboard boxes, bubblesheet, empty perfume bottles – the list is endless…,

It’s all been building up till I am sick to the gills of seeing stuff, stuff and more stuff in every corner of my house.

So using Diwali as a starting point, the spring cleaning is on in full flow. Instead of buying new things or gifting stuff or partying with people; I have spent this Diwali in clearing out cupboards and corners of my house to make space for everything in my life to have a breathing space.

Simple rules that I am following:
♥ If I haven’t worn or used an item for 6 months, time to toss.-be it clothes, linen, crockery…..
♥ If I haven’t met or Talked to or thought about a person in 6 months, time to reassess that relationship to either re work on it or end it to put it out of my mind.
♥ I am consciously working on thinking about what I put in my mouth or in my mind- both affect my body and health.
♥ I am trying to meditate on matters close to my heart and consciously work on self love- there is nobody more important than me.
♥ I am not spending time on or with people who want me to be there for them but I can’t rely on them to do the same for me.
♥ I will take time out daily to talk to at least one friend/associate/relative who means something to me.
♥ I have to declutter my reading list- too many unread books are creating a havoc in my bookshelves.

Posting my day 30 post for #Dailychatter Here as I take my blog to the next level with #Blogchatter and  #UBC – the ultimate blog challenge in October 2016

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8 thoughts on “My Diwali mantra 2016 is Declutter

    1. Welcome Naba – I am finding it very therapeutic. Its like with every bundle that i tie and toss out; I am lighter by that much.

  1. I believe it is important to declutter and value the self, more than anything. I also cleaning up the room yesterday and it often dawns upon me that like the stuffs we discard, we should let go of relations who doesn’t hold a place for us.

    Happy Diwali.

    1. Thanks V – its a terrific thing to do and everyone does it atleast once a year I think. All the best to you too! 🙂

    1. Yeah I ahd no idea I had so much stuff – there is so much to discard and I am happy throwing it all out or rather giving it to someone who can put it to good use.

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