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#NaBloPoMo: Day#2 – Meditation is to mind as water is for fish!



My first card from the Inspiration Deck is for the mind and what do you know it’s the Day One: mind card

Well the universe is certainly guiding me  wont you agree!?!

I have been wanting to incorporate daily meditation into my routine since long and now it begins with this journey.

I have hunted out some quite and pleasing music and also downloaded a meditation app in which one can schedule time, duration,music ,etc for some quiet time or there are tonnes of guided meditation to choose from too. It’s a damn neat app. I have worked a routine of 10 mts duration with 3 bells at 3 minutes intervals and some soothing music to appease my mind.

The easiest thing to do to mediate is to watch ones breath. I have a hyperactive mind where thoughts keep swirling. So I have worked out a cheat;  If a thought comes, i imagine it being tied to a helium gas-filled balloon and then I release it. I stand below watching it soar higher towards the blue skies. Almost every time the first balloon is red followed by pink and then yellow…. And then I am back to watching my breathe. It’s works most of the time and helps me calm down.


Do you meditate? Whats your favourite way to do so?

I started with the 10 minute meditation via the app; held two of my crystals in each hand and just watched my breath and when the mind wandered, I let it. It’s the quickest ten minutes of my life and I am amazed at the deep sleep I had at night post it. Yeah I had done this at the end of the day as I feel at that time the world is very quiet and no door bells or phone rings at that hour!

I think this was one of the best things I did for myself and I cant wait to meditate again!

Please do see the lovely picture and quote at the back of the card which again reinforced the need to have a practice of daily mediation for me. What do you think about this quote, I wonder?



November 2016 is my month to participate in the NaBloPoMo with Blogher

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24 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo: Day#2 – Meditation is to mind as water is for fish!

  1. I find meditation is quite hard! I also know it’s about practice. But the thought of sitting still for 10 min in the midst of social media induced restlessness seems quite daunting! I like your helium balloon idea and should give it a try! All the best for the rest of the challenge! 🙂

    1. I know what you mean Suman. It was hard for me too; infact I still find meditating on my own a little tough and love the guided ones. With practice I am hoping to sit quietly on my own; this app I am using is amazing! Thanks

  2. I’ve a hyperactive mind as well. I have tried to sit in silence and I just couldn’t. I think I should try my hand in meditation at lest to calm me down. It’s a good thing that you are trying. I loved that quote at the back of your card.

    1. Thanks Shalzz- this deck is amazing. Every card has an apt quote on it.
      I hope you start meditating soon – I fully recommend it and will try my best to encourage others to do so too.

    1. Thanks Mayuri – Om is so loving and powerful -I have the chants on a music setting and use that to meditate on the app!

  3. I don’t meditate – never have. I have read so much about the benefits of meditation. And, I was so surprised, earlier this year, to be told by my mother in law, who is in her late 80’s (meditation did not catch on in the United States until long after it did in other countries) that she used to meditate.

    1. Meditation is a very calming practice; I feel so light and fresh once I do it.
      Lets hope you try it soon and maybe then we share notes Alana!

    1. Hey Corinne Thank you for the praise – I am glad to hear my efforts are in the right direction.
      yes its damn easy to get distracted and I am a queen of procrastination too – go figure!!! 😉

  4. Lao Tzu’s quote is beautiful and I completely agree.
    During my yoga classes, I practice meditation once a week but like you the mind wanders – to work, things to do or blog. However, aftereffects are calming.

    Good one, Shalini!

    1. I know what you mean Parul – I love the feeling once the meditation is over; its so refreshing and I find myself with loads of energy; not hyper types but a strength sorts – you know what I mean!?!

    1. Oh please do Rohan and I owuld love to hear how you feel after wards. There are loads of DIY meditations… try one please

  5. The quote by Lao Tzu is very inspirational! If we can control our mind and keep it calm and composed then most of our worries can be rectified with ease. It’s all in the head that matters, after all!
    Nice and informative post, Shalini! I also like the arrangement of card, crystals and the cute insect (magnet) 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Saumy – especially for the detail of my photography. I swear styling my pics is more work than writing the actual blog 😉

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