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Quartz-the master crystal healer!

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Desires destroy, Faith purifies,

Wisdom identifies the difference!


In my sunday meditation class, our guide offered all of us a gift – sort of Diwali gift, I guess. It was a bag full of small satchets and we all had to pull one out. She mysteriously said, ” I cant wait to see what each one of you will get.”

I pulled out one and it had this quote and a clear quartz angel crystal. Each one of us had the same thing but the quotes differed and so did the crystal angel colour and stone.

As she went around explaining the meaning of the crystals and quotes we had all got, she said,” each one of you would have pulled out as per your needs.”

Curious, I mulled over the quote and saw it resonated with what had been raging through my head during the past few weeks and I was well and truly stumped. How the universe and the divine energy guides us to what we are seeking? Here was the answer I had been looking for!

And then she told me that I had pulled out the Master crystal – it’s the most powerful of all.

Whoa! my curiosity was piqued to the highest and I couldn’t wait to get home to google it. I looked up the clear Quartz and was truly blown away to discover some amazing facts about it.

Quartz, also called Rock crystal, is the most commonly found mineral on earth and is composed of silicon dioxide. It derives its name from a Slavic word meaning Hard and is revered in many cultures ancient and new, for its truly a gift from the earth for its energy amplifying properties.

Though the clear form is valued more, it comes in many colours and varieties –

Purple is called amethyst

Yellow is called Citrine…………………..

 Ancient Japanese believed that Quartz is formed from the breath of a white dragon and enhances spirituality and wisdom.

Tweet: Ancient Japanese believed that Quartz is formed from the breathe of a white dragon and enhances spirituality and wisdom.

Elements: Fire & Air

Keywords: Power & Clarity

Chakra: Crown Chakra primarily

Quartz is called a master crystal because it amplifies all of one’s energies in a 360 degrees kind of way. It strengthens inner healing abilities, intention, and basically everything positive about oneself, cocooning you in a protective white light.

It reduces stress, helps one in centering and boosts personal/spiritual growth.

So, basically its a stone of amazing clarity which dispels negativity to harmonise energies and is said to be useful in providing a boost to personal, emotional and romantic relationships.

It helps in meditation, increases inspiration and creativity and helps in retention and problem solving.

Physically, quartz is a powerful stone as it amplifies energies of the other stones.

Long before polished glass was used to make crystal balls, Quartz was the preferred option to manufacture them.

Quartz is said to strengthen all systems of the body and is said to be particularly effective for chronic fatigue, depression and provide relief from pain.

One can keep a quartz crystal in their pocket and that will help in amplifying their energies and dispelling any negative effects on them. Quartz crystal can be used very effectively while meditating for better clarity and spiritual growth.

I am now so stoked that I pulled out this crystal from the goodie bag and hope it will bring all its positivity into my life and being.

Posting my day 24 post for #Dailychatter Here as I take my blog to the next level with #Blogchatter and  #UBC – the ultimate blog challenge in October 2016

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    1. Same here Menaka. Got one as a gift and now I am keeping it like a talisman with me. Let me know when you find yours.

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