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Why must you judge my choices? [ #MondayMusings ]

I was hugging myself happily in anticipation of getting ready. For you see, today I would wear that dress which I had ordered online and worked very hard to fit into. Yay!!!!  Slipping into the dress, I twirled a little in from to the mirror, loving how it flared up and then fell softly around… Read More Why must you judge my choices? [ #MondayMusings ]

#MondayMusings, Blog Challenge

The Secret Road [ #MondayMusings ]

They say that what you are looking for is, is searching for you too and comes to you when you least expect it to. This is a secret that I have learnt the hard way up but now believe with all my heart. I hate getting into a tizzy first thing in the morning and… Read More The Secret Road [ #MondayMusings ]

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Gratitude Post – July 2017

“Gratitude is more of a compliment to yourself than someone else.” Raheel Farooq I have been missing out on writing my Gratitude posts since a couple of months; blaming it on personal issues rather than laziness to write 😉 But life has been good and blessed and I have loads to tell you. Maybe its… Read More Gratitude Post – July 2017

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Envy: Not being in competition, makes you the competition!! | #MondayMusings |

“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. ” – Carrie Fisher I love this quote for it truly signifies not only what envy is but also how destructive it is! When we are covetous of someone’s success or something that they own; we forget to appreciate the hard work… Read More Envy: Not being in competition, makes you the competition!! | #MondayMusings |

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#MondayMusings: The devil on my shoulder!

There is this tiny little devil inside of me who often pops up to sit on my shoulder and views the world from there, all the while lending me his two bits on the happenings in my life. No he is not judgemental, just observant and vociferous.😉 (To celebrate this belief, I had one tattooed on… Read More #MondayMusings: The devil on my shoulder!

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Quartz-the master crystal healer!

#Monday Motivation Desires destroy, Faith purifies, Wisdom identifies the difference! In my sunday meditation class, our guide offered all of us a gift – sort of Diwali gift, I guess. It was a bag full of small satchets and we all had to pull one out. She mysteriously said, ” I cant wait to see what… Read More Quartz-the master crystal healer!