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Envy: Not being in competition, makes you the competition!! | #MondayMusings |

“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. ” – Carrie Fisher

I love this quote for it truly signifies not only what envy is but also how destructive it is! When we are covetous of someone’s success or something that they own; we forget to appreciate the hard work / luck / blessings of that individual in achieving that milestone. In our resentful state of mind, we forget our own potential and ambition; choosing to fester in our supposed ill fortune.

We will blame our stars, birth, religion, god, family, education, fate and what-not; never once will we pause to wonder if we truly do need or deserve it. For what we have in our lives comes via our own invitation (needs, wishes and desires). I always say that we have a choice – either we live as we are or make an effort to change it to our liking.


Not only do we grudge someone their achievement, but we will also pull them down with malice and gossip. Never will we stop to pause and learn from their success; analyse their motivation for succeeding and perhaps imbibing a few tips into our own work discipline.

Our malevolence makes us so deaf that when good fortune knocks on our doors, we are unable to welcome it for we are too busy sounding out why they didn’t deserve it.

“Our envy of others devours us most of all.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

It’s this feeling of invidiousness that is destructive to our growth in every sphere – physical and spiritual. We are so busy critiquing someone else’s achievement that we forget to work on our own potential, leading to a downward spiral of momentum in our own lives. 

If only we could put this envy to good use and harness its energy to propel our ambitions, we would achieve all that our heart desires. But to do that we will need to focus on our platter and also feel happy for others when they succeed.


Over the past few months, I have started to enjoy writing for Blog Hops & prompts hosted by blogger / blogging communities. I love reading the differing point of views on the same topic from others; being adjudged good or bad, is secondary. I look forward to hearing back from my esteemed readers as to how this post comes across. 

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23 thoughts on “Envy: Not being in competition, makes you the competition!! | #MondayMusings |

  1. Yes Envy is destructive if not controlled before time. We all must rise from our normal human nature and learn to accept the other success with open heart different take on envy Thanks for joining on #ClickandBlogAstory Linky

    1. Thanks so much Bushra for selecting my post as winner – I am so blown away by it! 🙂
      It was a super duper prompt to write on.

  2. Must say that you have covered both aspects of envy.
    Negative and positive.
    When we are too busy on our grass – positive.
    But the ugly truth is that we can actually be the moon and still envy the stars!

    Thank you for linking up with us.

  3. Very well written. Both the positive and negative side of ENVY. Really it would be useful to use our envy in good work without comparing what we have and what others have. Really a food for thoughts.

    1. Oh wow – thats so nice to hear. Making graphics is so painstaking and often I feel like giving into my laziness; I am glad I made the effort here. I hope to be an ace at it like Tina someday!

  4. That last quote was me. I am so busy and mostly happy with all that I am doing that I wonder if I am missing the bus 😉
    Great post, Shalini and even wonderful reminder that envy does us no good.

    1. Thanks Parul – I know how that feels but thats the best thing you are doing for yourself.. Pls stick to it!!! cheers

  5. Great quotes, really like the grass one! I really dislike people putting others down for their success. I believe we should celebrate others talents and hard work and support one another. When we are happily following our own passions we are less envious of others. #mg

    1. Thanks so much Mackenzie; I have another version for it – “the grass is greener on the side its watered”! 😉
      I totally agree with you on focusing on our own “grass” and reaping its rewards as what grows in someone elses garden maynot grow in ours – so why envy it or resent it!! Cheers

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