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The Latin word Gratus means thankful or pleasing and is generally attributed to be the source of the English word Gratitude.

In our life there are many people and circumstances who/which can be credited for defining us. While growing up it’s our parents/ siblings/ educators who have taught us innumerable lessons, helped us patiently or even gotten into a schoolyard scrape to defend us.

While on one hand we may never be able to wholly express our gratitude to them as a large measure of indebtedness is also there, we must not be silent about it either.

“Silent gratitude is of not much use to anyone.” – G.B. Stein

We don’t need to buy elaborate gifts or make extravagant gestures to show our gratitude. Going overboard with compliments or being clingy to prove our presence in their life is not going to cut it either.

Not being silent in our expression but not being loud in our gestures either.

So then how…….

It’s very simple.

Gratitude is being thankful for the kindness shown to you and reciprocating the same when needed by the other person. The readiness to show appreciation and willingness to do something for the other, is key when expressing our thankfulness.

Gratitude is also being thoughtful towards others and extending help/advice/effort even before they ask for it.

Most importantly, do not trumpet about your magnimosity as it might embarrass the one who sought your help. It will also make you come across as arrogant and a boor. 

I will leave you with this beautiful thought on Gratitude and hope to hear your views on this soon.


This post has been written for the prompt #ThankfulThursdays by Amrita  Deepa  Tina  Mayuri



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8 thoughts on “| #ThankfulThursdays | Silent Gratitude |

  1. Gratitude is something that I hold on to every single day to sail through the obstacles in life. It’s interesting how something so unassuming and simple can be so important. Love the quotes.

    1. Thanks so much Naba! Its my WOTY 2017 and I keep doing a compass check for it every week or so. Its so easy for negative thoughts to creep in and sully all best intentions 😉
      I am so happy to hear you liked the Quotes – its so difficult to not choose all of them 😉

  2. Yes a balance is needed between feeling expressing and reciprocating. Life is too short to waste on people who don’t help or don’t want to reciprocate .Like minded people makes the journey enjoyable and less frustrating

  3. Yes! And practicing gratitude gives peace in a way nothing can! I used to write my gratitude posts every month. Have stopped them for a while now but I sure am grateful for a lot of things that happen around me!


    1. Wow! I have read a few of such posts from other bloggers – they are just wonderful! Infact I had wanted to write them too. Maybe you and I should create a month end blog linky for this – what say?
      We both will write as well as have other bloggers participate too!! Think about it and let me know!!

    1. Thanks M – the pic was taken on the Bangalore streets; I love clicking the flower stalls on the roads. They have such gorgeous flowers. I love writing for ThankfulThursdays – one of the best prompts I have discovered. Cheers

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