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#MondayMusings: The devil on my shoulder!

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There is this tiny little devil inside of me who often pops up to sit on my shoulder and views the world from there, all the while lending me his two bits on the happenings in my life. No he is not judgemental, just observant and vociferous.😉 (To celebrate this belief, I had one tattooed on my shoulder – eve of my 35th year)

The 40th year of my birth witnessed a conscious change in me- I moved towards insightfulness, meditation and self-love. So I tend to introspect a lot on things, often with his commentary in the background.(And boy you should hear him grumble for he and the divine are well…… not exactly sympatico!!)

There! Now the ground is set for my #MondayMusings.( I am sure you were wondering where is all this leading to)

Things go wrong, as they sometimes will- this flashed in my mind as I fumed over a yet new irritant in my life.

My extremely nice landlords have decided to dig a basement and do other “little” additions in the house. When they informed me, I shrugged it off as a little dust and noise will not bother me (I am on the second floor) plus I was going away for a vacation in a week’s time. So I happily assured them that it’s not going to affect me much.

Boy! Was I wrong????

Let me just cut to the chase and include the highlights here-  I have constant hammering on top of my head (they are adding onto the terrace above), broken concrete raining all around in my open spaces and incessant dust. Not to mention that now the “nice” has turned to “please put up with it”.

The same landlady who frowned & grumbled on spotting a muddy footprint on my stairs (never mind that it’s her helper who stepped onto freshly mopped up stairs), is now mum over the amount of dust and debris in the said stairs – top to bottom.

Of course, the relentless noise woke up his highness. He came out, rubbing his bald pate, the new horns (polished rubies, cut into facets -mind you don’t forget to appreciate) glinting in the winter sun. “Complain and raise hell. I am here”.

Truth be told, I was furious at it all. Every little request of mine was deemed unreasonable.

Sample this: Landlady informed me one evening that my satellite dish needs relocation, so calling the techs tomorrow. I requested her to do it day after as I won’t be home tomorrow and they might need to check things with set-top box. Next morning bombarded with calls from TataSky and despite my requesting again, landlady refused to listen and went ahead with it. Needless to say, I had to delay stepping out that day to accommodate this!!! 😕

Sample2: Loud and constant hammering started just above my bedroom. I requested to delay this by two days till I leave for my vacation. I was told in a no-nonsense brooking tone NO – as they are working on a schedule. 😒

Sample3: concrete raining into my newly worked out terrace garden and planters since they can’t be bothered to cover up like everyone does 😤

Every time the fury would rise, making me want to mentally cuss and curse. But strangely every time I thought it, an inner voice (not his) would say, I hope all of this work gets done perfectly. Something within me was telling me – its ok!!!

But of course his lordship took umbrage at this, calling me weak…….worse still a scaredy cat!!  🙃 Weirdly enough my temper didn’t rise beyond a few degrees.

I realised, I am upset but not angry. No it’s not being resigned to my fate either, rather am listening to my intuition and going with the flow.

I am reminded of something an ex employer used to chant ” What you cannot cure, you must either endure or ignore!”

Wow! I marvel at this new me and thank the divine – “oh come on”, grumbles my crimson pal.

So to avoid the suffering, I have decided to spend my last day in the house before my travel, by staying out. A salon visit to pamper my tired out feet and then a friend’s house for some chai and gupshup. And tomorrow I fly awayyyyy.

As I stepped out, mounds of debris have filled the driveway till the gate, making it impossible to walk and mud filled my chappal clad feet (pedicure means nail polish!!!)

Hmpffff , said the devil on my shoulder, grinning evilly!

I am writing this post for #MondayMusings hosted by Corrine

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6 thoughts on “#MondayMusings: The devil on my shoulder!

  1. Have a great break sweety. The debris and muck will be a thing of the past.
    Loved, “what you cannot cure you must endure or ignore.” Great mantra, I used it pretty often but thanks for reiterating xoxo

  2. That’s rude of her. Once I was in Mumbai, I was too forced by my Landlord to vacate in few hours. OMG, we(me and my roomi) had 17 bags to stuff in an auto and moved to a new apartment. Its good that you are pampering yourself, best way to combat stress.

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