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Travel Diaries: Kerala / Wayanad / Pookote Lake


Pookote / pookode Lake is a charming jewel in Wayanad’s crown. 15 Kms from Kalpetta, this serene freshwater body lies surrounded by thick-set rainforest on all sides. The state tourism department has developed a children’s park, boating facility, fresh water aquarium, handicrafts & spices emporium and a walking path all around the perimeter of the lake for an enjoyable picnic like environs.

This lake has the unique distinction of being shaped like India’s map. It’s a perennial freshwater lake and one of its kind in Kerala.


I opted for a row-boat ride for half an hour for 250/- which sounded good to me. There was also the option of taking pedal boats but the hot sun made me re-think such a strenuous activity. The best part about the lake was the sight of fields of blue lotus and blue water-lily – these were blooming in abundance in secluded areas of the lake which were bounded by ropes to keep the boats from damaging the plants.


Scores of blue heads were raised joyously to the sun while the water shimmered with blue reflections in every direction that you could see – this sight was worth a million zillion trillion dollars!! I couldn’t stop clicking them and spent as much time as I could taking in the ethereal sight. I even took a walk on the pathway around the lake’s perimeter to drink in the tranquility of this eternally peaceful and mesmerizing place.


I have to say this is one of the most scenic sights in Kerala for me and I would recommend not skipping this spot from your itinerary. I admit there is not much to do here but the sight of the blue lotus on the water is simply refreshing and one that I wont be forgetting in a hurry.

Some Facts:

Its 3 Kms by road from Vythiri town

Rail & Air connectivity is from Khozikhode which is about 60 kms away

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13 thoughts on “Travel Diaries: Kerala / Wayanad / Pookote Lake

    1. Blue Lotuses werent not so many in bloom at that time but the lilies were just gorgeous – I couldnt get my fill of this place and wished I could stay here forever.

  1. Stunning pics! Though I hail from the state, I haven’t been to this part of Kerala. My cousins made a visit to Wayanad a few ago and they swore it is a must-visit. Now I see why! 🙂

    1. I envvvvvvy you- its a gorgeous state with an amazing sense of cleanliness; I had loved the neatness and organised ways of the markets I saw all over in Wayanad.I hope you get to visit soon.

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