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Title: Inferno

Introduction: Inferno begins with the readers being reintroduced to the same protagonist who was part of the author’s previous two novels entitled The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol. This protagonist, Robert Langdon, is all set to be a part of this new and intriguing thriller as well.

From what Robert is able to recollect, he was walking through Harvard’s campus, when he out of the blue finds himself in a hospital in Italy, recovering from a head injury. Robert finds a mysterious cylinder with him that bears Dante’s famous poem ‘The Divine Comedy’.

Review: Professor Robert Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital located in Florence, he sees he has been shot and realises he is not in Boston and has no idea what had happened with him in the last 2 days. Here starts the story of Inferno, my favourite book and one the best works of Dan Brown’s – Langdon spy story novels that have been enchanting readers since the release of The Da Vinci Code.

In Inferno, Professor Robert Langdon joins hands with Sienna Brooks – his doctor in masquerade who finds a projector in his jacket which displays Botticell’s Map of Hell. Seeing the map he realises he is in Italy and the map is a hint.

As the story runs, Professor Robert Langdon learns he been brought to Italy by the World Health Organization to solve a puzzle, to trace a location where some kind of virus or plague (to wipe out the over population of the world) created by a billionaire geneticist Bertrand Zobrist, has been hidden. Inferno has all the components of the previous Langdon series. He is interpreting inkling hidden in pieces of art and literature (Dante, Botticelli, Dandolo), located in the museums and landmarks (Palazzo Vecchio, St. Mark’s Basilica, Hagia Sophia) with a beautiful younger female  to help him figure out the big anonymous.

The reason why I believe Inferno was such a successful Dan Brown novel is because it turned far from the others, avoiding the arrangement we’ve come to expect from a Robert Langdon novel. The movie followed the book so well until the moment when the characters arrive at the Hagia Sofia in Turkey, where the plague is likely to be released. The movie ends there.

Langdon locates the soluble bag with virus, Sienna is killed, and the WHO gets the bag before it dissolves and leaks out the virus. The novel, however, has much more story. We get to read that Sienna Brooks was working against Langdon, but she wanted to stop the virus from getting out and is basically a good person. The plague release was not a deadly one, but one that caused sterility.

It’s obvious why the movie adaptation’s ending was unlike. Not to mention, audience would condemn the fact that Langdon wasn’t much of a hero. On the other hand, the book ending the way it did totally works. Sure, it’s upsetting, but it makes you think. People watch movies to make them happy. People read books to make them think. On the whole, Inferno did give us symbology and humanities lessons we have come to expect from Professor Robert Langdon.

Book Details

Name: Inferno

Author: Dan Brown

Date of publishing: 14th May 2013

Language: English

Genre: Thriller


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  1. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your accepting and putting my posts on your blog. Thank you very much for this activity.

  2. I almost always prefer the book to the movie. In fact, many times, I won’t even see the movie if I’ve already read the book. As it happens, I have not seen any movie adapted from a Dan Brown book – and maybe, now, I’m glad I haven’t.

    1. Ha ha ha Alana ; I am not a Dan Brown fan either but I loved the movie version of his DaVinci Code. I am also of the opinion that books are better than the movies but some movie adaptation surpass the book too!

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