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#MagicOfLove: Where art thou, my Romeo!?!

I am a die-hard romantic at the hearts – no matter how many times its been broken and crushed! I still believe in my romeo-juliet tale (with happy endings though). So when Romila took out the #magicoflove contest for Valentines day, I decided to write a love letter to my Romeo (where ever he is, whoever he is) for whom I have searched high and low in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Every scenic juncture of this beautiful Himalayan Kingdom, teemed with the possibility of finding him.

Wouldnt you desire to be with a man who would love to seek adventure in these majestic surroundings, while at the same time appreciate the serenity of the Buddhist sanctuaries and love to sleep under the starry skies, waking up to a glorious sunrise. (there are other qualities too, but that’s for another post )

So follow my quest on this journey of finding love, as I searched for possibilities……..


Juley my heart’s dearest desire,

I have been hoping to swoon in your arms while on this trip to Leh, amidst the background of millions of colourful prayer flags, flapping with glee in the cool breeze (helps that my breathlessness can be blamed on the low oxygen levels there). As I clicked  the serenely smiling faces of the Ladakhi people (some toothless), I hoped to chance upon your smiling countenance in the crowds too.

Every backpacking biker I crossed on the turns and curves, could have been you waiting to whisk me away on a sheer adventure. I would sit holding you tight while our hearts would thud in tandem to the melody of the bike thrum, as we swooped on the winding roads.


As I sat on a rock by the Tso-Pangong and gazed long and deep into its multi-hued waters, spellbound by the cloud play reflections, my roving eye searched for you among the adventure seekers camped there.


I stopped by a stream whose waters splashed cheekily over every boulder, while  a man sat dozing blissfully under a hat with his fishing line propped up – was that you?


Or maybe you were the one sitting in quiet contemplation as the monks chanted with a melodious rhythm , a sunbeam filtering softly through the slowly wafting sweet-smelling incense smoke. Maybe your fingers touched these prayer wheels, setting them into motion as you made your hearts dearest wish. It was to find me na?


Were you the one warming your hands on a cup of hot kehwa at the pit stop at Khardungla amongst that gang of cyclists? The rising steam had misted your glasses, making it difficult for you to gaze into my eyes.


Did you see me cavorting with joy while I sat astride a colourfully decked up Yak in Nubra valley? It’s helper danced around me with  my camera to click my pictures (I suspect his enthusiasm stemmed more from handling a DSLR than anything else!) 


Or maybe we bumped in the street markets of Leh, haggling over that shawl, a jade necklace or even a bottle of apricot oil? Or maybe our eyes had met as we dug into that uber delicious stone oven pizza, sitting atop one of the many rooftop cafes in the market?

Last day, and still no sight of you!!

As I left this stunningly gorgeous surroundings, I felt sad to not have found you here. But then cheered up with the thought that the road of life is long and ever winding; maybe you are waiting on the very next corner that I turn to!!! Ahoy onto the next journey, where this quest shall be pursued in earnest desire, yet again.

Oh Romeo, my romeo – where art thou?

‘I am writing this post towards #MagicOfLove contest by Novemberschild

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12 thoughts on “#MagicOfLove: Where art thou, my Romeo!?!

  1. This is such a wonderful way, a beautiful letter. I can’t help thinking what your Romeo, whenever you find him, will have to say as a reply to this. Such a beautiful concept. Filled me with love 🙂

  2. I would like to express my appreciation for your dedicated participation in the #MagicOfLove contest. Wishing you good health and happiness in the years ahead.

    You cannot visit Ladakh just once – the pull is so strong that if you have been once, you will want to go again. And again. perhaps every year. There are a million reasons to love this land and people find their own – culture and festivals, gorgeous home stays and guesthouses, trekking and rafting, local food…AND in your next visit I hope you find your ROMEO. It has its own charm, an unmatched view of these mountains from the top. Some times you see blue skies and pristine snow, and sometimes only swirling clouds and grey mountaintops, Hoping to see your man coming from these tops to reach you. You have managed to capture such lovely emotions.

    1. Thanks so much Roms – I loved writing for it. this prompt really let me explore my creative side a whole lot more and I think it came out in the post.
      And yes Ladakh is worth many visits and best part about it is the sights on the roads more than the actual destinations – the drive there is beautiful with the ever changing skies and the gorgeous colours of the mountains. I hope I am able to go there again soon!
      I hope to find HIM soon, someday…. very soon!

    1. Thanks so much Richa. Good to hear that.
      I am still searching for him, so maybe this is a true letter

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