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Fiction – The Fight [ #Guestpost ]

My guest today is Dipanwiita -a solo backpacking traveller who loves to indulge in photography too. One can read her blog and get to know more of her. Today she has tried her hand at fiction with this short and sweet tale of love. I hope you will join me in welcoming her to Shalzmojo and do share your thoughts on this story please.

The Fight

Eli finally switched off her phone at the last and final call.

Her hurt and pain resisted her from making that one call but deep down, she was still hoping her phone to ring with his name flash on the screen. That was it. 6 hours and 5,500 km later, she was going to wake up in a different country. Her heart missed many beats and the thought of not being able to see him for at least a year hit her hard. The thought and guilt made her sick. But she did leave a voice message. And Sid, as usual, might have kept it for later.

She quietly closed her eyes as tears trickled down her cheek. She missed him.


A Month Ago

“You do this to me all the time. I am not going to take your shit anymore” Eli stormed out of the house and drove off. In days to come, she accepted the job offer from Kuala Lampur that she had been giving second thoughts since long. She missed Sid but kept herself busy in official formalities and decided to not be the one to bury the hatchets this time.

Days turned into weeks after Eli had driven off fuming that night and Sid, as usual chose to give enough space for Eli to calm down. In the meantime, he himself remained no-show. He took this fight to be similar to their usual ones and presumed to be normal until one day he realized that it was almost a month since Eli had walked out.


guestpost-blog-birthday-fiction-tale-story-fight-relationships-mother-daughter-dipanwita-shalzmojosaysHe suddenly recalled something and reached for his phone. He rushed towards airport the moment he heard her message. Deep down, he couldn’t stop cursing himself for being a brute.

“She just left” informed her friends who had come to see her off. Sid immediately called her but her phone was already switched off. Suddenly, his entire world came crashing down. He turned cold, numb and lost.

For the first time, Sid realized, he should not have taken her anger casually. For the first time, he realized the importance of listening to voice messages on time.

He parked his car by the road side to let tears trickle down. He missed her.

This story is part of guest submission in lieu of the ongoing  blogfest celebrations on my blog all the month of September for my blog’s first bday!


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12 thoughts on “Fiction – The Fight [ #Guestpost ]

  1. What a cute story. Yesterday I heard that a big time divorce lawyer in Mumbai attributed the increase in break up of marriages/relationships was thanks to the mobile phone….This story is a case in point too.

    1. Point well made. Every innovation has its own downside. Too much dependability on virtual communication does more harm than any good and that’s what we fail to understand. Alas! relationships nowadays are more fragile.

  2. There was a line in a recent Malayalam movie that came to mind… the voiceover just stated how ‘an argument that could have been ended with 10 minutes sitting beside each other and talking instead ended in a separation because no one talked.’

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