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Kodachadri-a journey in verse! [ Guestpost ]

This is the story of a journey presented in a slightly different way – about a trek which I went on long ago. I don’t have any photographs of it. But, the smell of the forests, the laughter the company, the oranged valley, the green pastures, the winding paths, the starry sky, the weary feet are still so fresh upon my soul.
All I have to do is close my eyes and I am there in Kodachadri amidst my long-lost friends, once again.
Join me in verse on this journey back memory lane as I walk up that hill again.
eleven of us we were
who started off to climb a hill
with backpacks and tents
and food from the local inn
we were off at dawn
great laughter for company
soon the chatter died down
to stock up on energy
for we had miles to go
before we reached our goal
to see as far as our eyes could see
before the sun bid adieu this eve
a huff and a puff
warming up was tough
the tents seemed to get heavier
with each step up
Lets sit down a bit
catch our breath–
those blood sucking little buggers
climbing up our sneakers!
jump up!
off we go!
rub some salt on our shins
vigorously please if you will.
our shoes sunk in wet soil
we were submerged in forest air
each mile a different fragrance
each tree and stone its unique self.
we chanced upon a little stream
carving a winding path through the hill
it had made an early start just to
to quench our thirst. here. this morn.
the forests ended abruptly-
to give way to meadows
and no animal in sight.
is all this green grass here
just to delight our eyes?
we got into the rhythm
each mile seemed easier as we strolled
we were in no hurry with
more than one peppy song to extol
we lunched heartily
under a clear blue sky
a friendly sun
not too harsh at all.
the hills and picnic and singing
Were we ‘the von Trapps’?
sunset was soon
desire to be at the peak by then
transformed our gait to a trot
up the now steeper slopes.
it was a race to the top–
a valley awash with orange
till the horizon and beyond
no man-made structure to intrude
and malign this picturesque sight.
The reward for the climb
was oh so sweet!
sit down here and there on rocks
each an island unto herself
observed that rare perfection in silence
attempted to imprint that moment to memory
for such a painting by the hand above
will not be presented again.
as the day fades into the night
the spell was broken.
we slowly made our way a little down
to the pundit’s house
who served us a simple meal
seemingly fit for a king
for hearts already so fulfilled
though feet so weary.
we don’t rest just yet
for there were tents to be put up.
when our work was done
we said our goodnights
crawling into each tent two by two
we peaked through the transparent tops
watch the night sky fill up with a thousand stars,
maybe more.
©Namratha (NamySaysSo)
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23 thoughts on “Kodachadri-a journey in verse! [ Guestpost ]

  1. It must be exhilarating to reach the top . I was huffing and puffing too and wondering if I’d reach the top! And then to make your own tent !!!! Some energy and enthusiasm . I suppose you are on a different high when you are climbing mountains .

  2. What a beautiful poem. I must say that I did not find the pictures missing as my imagination took a ride along those valleys, green patches, pundit’s home, that simple meal and star struck sky through your beautiful poem. I read it twice already 🙂

  3. I could so visualise the entire picnic you had with your friends..Ah, the fun and excitement of walking together, carrying your tents and stuff. And, then, putting up the tents as the day comes to an end and looking at the sparkling stars in the night sky! Beautiful!

  4. Ideally I would love to see pics but the picture you created was lot more beautiful! I could hear the laughter, feel those aching feet and imagine the gorgeous sunset!

  5. A travel tale in a verse form is so unique. Loved the imagery you created. Thanks for taking us with you virtually to Kodachadri 🙂

  6. Awesome Awesome Awesome. I loved this Namratha. “Each mile a different fragrance”, “peaked through transparent tops to watch the thousand stars”. What an amazing way to sum up a travel experience.

    I am glad I am a part of this blog-hop and come across such amazing people. 🙂

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