Guestpost Campaign December 2018

Hola People! Its September and the second anniversary of my blog since going self hosted. Last year I had started a guestpost blog hop to commemorate the anniversary and am continuing the tradition with some slight changes.

This year also December is going to be a 30 day long blog hop of 30 bloggers gearing up to write a guestpost for my blog; one blogger per day.

In turn, I will be writing one guestpost daily for each blogger too.

Last year it was a mixed bag of blog posts on varied topics. Since my blog niches hover mainly around Travel and Books, this year I have decided to focus on such posts only.


So if you are a travel blogger, hop onto this blogexpress and explore these prompts below to write me one fantastic journeyful article that will make my gypsy feet itch with travel yearning.

(Pick any one topic)

  • How to make the most out of a travel trip ( from planning itineraries / packing tips to getting the best travel bargains to maximizing your sightseeing, etc)
  • Where the locals eats (you could highlight all the cool places you discovered on a trip which offered great gourmet glimpses into the local cuisine)
  • Top 10 things to do in ______________________ (pick a well-traveled/loved destination of yours and enlighten us on the fun that’s not to be missed out there)
  • An island/beach/mountain destination that you think is a must visit for every travel bug
  • Best Places to travel in your 20s / 30s / 40s / 50s


If you are a book lover / reviewer then I hope these following prompts get you excited enough to pen down a book related guestpost for me.

1) A review of a book based on World War that you recommend for a read  ( other than The book thief and Guernsey…) 
2) Your top 5 reads by women authors / women protagonists this year and which one impressed you the most, review that one.
3) 10 books/ authors that you recommend will get one out of a reading rut
4) 5 crime fictions / YA / Fantasy Fiction that blew you away in recent times ( from modern writings) 
5) 5 funny books for your book club
6) 5 seriously underrated books
7) 5 books you will love to read if you like Harry Potter


1) Follow me on WordPress and Pinterest / Instagram
( its mandatory for you to be on both these social media platforms to participate)
2) Only original content, no google/pixabay images, etc
3) No commercial promotion/angle in the post
4) You can link one related post of yours with this post ( any Book / travel post that is close to it)
5) Participation to be confirmed by 15th October 2018 and Post to be submitted by 15th November 2018 but if you could do it earlier too, that would be great.
6) Promote your post when it goes live on social media and the hashtag for sharing is #mymojo
7) If I don’t get the numbers, then will limit this contest to minimum 12 posts.
8) In case you need to drop out, please do inform me in time.
 ( though I fervently hope you don’t 🙂 )

I also need

Your blog URL
A brief bio of your self
One pic
Your social media handles


I will adjudge the most popular and well liked post and award a goody bag/prize to up to 3 best posts out of the 30.
The decision will be communicated by 15th January 2019 & the prizes will be mailed to an Indian postal address only.
Bottom line of this contest is to encourage other bloggers and create a great bonhomie for each other.
So what are you waiting for, drop me a line at and wait for my email to land in your Dropbox.
Happy blogging folks ♥
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13 thoughts on “Guestpost Campaign December 2018

  1. I know in my email I wasn’t really sure which prompt I wanted to do, but I think I’m going to do the 10 books I’d recommend if in a reading rut. I already have a couple books in mind for it, just need to think of some more, which I’m mentally doing now.

    1. Hey that’s great to hear and I hope you have plenty of inspiration. Please discuss it only on email as it’s quite difficult to keep track of all the comments. Looking forward to your post

  2. Hey thanks Sanch and great to hear you will be onboard. I love the books you read – very varied genres and authors, most I haven’t heard of. So it would be exciting to see a post from you. Let’s discuss this on email please. Cheers

    1. Yes and I am so happy about that!! I am headed out in last week of november for about 15 days; getting the jitters to set this up properly now! I just hope everyone sends me their posts on time!!

  3. Blogger inspire blogger! This thought here would make every blogger feel awesome to be in the blogging community. As a book reviewer, would love to participate though I know I don’t have anything worthy in mind for the 7 prompts you’ve mentioned. In case you will like to add an 8 th number for kids’ books, let me know, I would be happy to hop in.

    1. Thanks Nandidni!

      I would love to have you onboard; kids books is something I have missed out in this and am happy to hear your thoughts on it. Request you to please drop me a mail on with whats on your mind and we will take it forward from there.

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