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Guestpost – Niche Blogging and why? #Writetribe

I was so thrilled when Corinne asked me to do a guest post for the WriteTribe website. It took a while for the post topic and date to settle in and I am so happy and grateful for the opportunity. So what did I write about? Answer  – Niche Blogging!

I was pretty clueless about this term up till a year back and simply wrote about anything and everything. Oh I did make categories and tag keywords onto my posts as per the SEO demands. But other than that there was nothing set in my writing style.

But all was not well in my writing-dom and soon I had to take a step back to re-evaluate. You see I was feeling kind of lazy about writing stuff or even not sure what to write about. I wondered if this was the dreaded writer’s block perhaps?

But no – this was stemming from the desire to write only about what I felt genuinely passionate about. I realised I was chasing the stupid numbers to gain ridiculous readers who only popped up so that I would go read their blog too.

Sigh!!! You must be wondering why do I blog?

Well the answer to that and much more is in Niche Blogging.

People come onto the internet to find answers, to search for options and see what are the new trends, etc. Niche blogging is the power to harness this curiosity to work in favour of your writing.

One is more likely to check out a Fashion blog if one is looking for answers on latest clothing trends than checking out a blog that writes about everything.

How to decide your niche?

Tap into your thought process and hobbies to see what appeals to you. What are you most comfortable writing / talking about? There is always some amount of research involved in writing an article, but most of it comes from the heart. That’s the only way it connects with readers.

The key is to own your niche like you are the boss. This can only happen when you are writing about something that you are very passionate about. Otherwise after a while monotony will set in and you might face a writer’s block or worse a burnout……………….

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2 thoughts on “Guestpost – Niche Blogging and why? #Writetribe

  1. I definitely feel like I can relate to this on some level in that I feel like I have a pretty good idea what my niche is. So I try to stay focused on that group by writing on a variety of topics within it whenever I can, occasionally doing posts outside of it when the mood strikes me.

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