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#TravelTales – A House of Chocolate in Mukteshwar

Growing up, I was utterly fascinated by the Hansel and Gretel tale of a chocolate house in the woods. It’s one of my favourite fairy tales because come on who would pass up such a brilliant thing. And when you are a sucker for chocolate (the dark kind), it appeals all the more! Icing on the cake is if there are some interesting flavourings added to enhance them.

While vacationing in Uttarakhand, I headed out for a day trip to Mukteshwar and realized they boast of a chocolatier there. I let my imagination run amok as to what this chocolate house would look like. I have been bewitched by the telling of the tale in the famous book by Joanne Harris (Chocolate) and so have a very romanticized notion of a chocolate shop 😉

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Ummmm so okay the shop was not as I had been envisioning – its a little cottage set off from the road and also has a cafe extended onto one side. In fact there seemed to be rooms for stay too above it, so maybe its all one homely affair. The shop turned out to be a souvenir shop cum chocolate haven.

Sadly there was no tasting and I ended up picking a few boxes merely on a hunch. Cappuchino I felt was the safest bet while the chilli, pepper, rum, etc beckoned excitingly too. I prefer dark chocolate, so stuck to picking up flavours in that and boy was I right about it. The hit of coffee was just right and the sugar content was not high at all. This one was perfect for me.

Didnt enjoy the pepper or the chilli flavours as the subtlety was missing big time. I had got one hazelnuts in milk chocolate too which was very creamy, sweet and not to my liking at all though my nephew loved it. Oh and the orange one in milk was pretty decent too.

Overall I would say that buying these chocolates is a great idea – perfect gifts for peeps back home and a great after lunch sating of that Kuch meetha ho jaye wali feeling 🙂 Very well packed and presented and well worth the money.

Just a word of caution, do keep the chocolates refrigerated at lower altitudes as they melt pretty fast.

Side Notes:

  • I had driven upto Mukteshwar from the Sitla side and the drive through the Sitla forest was just divine.
  • Mukteshwar is roughly an hour’s drive from Satkhol, district Ramgarh.
  • The chocolate shop is right on the main road and you cannot miss it at all.
  • I had taken the Kathgodam Shatabdi from Delhi and then a taxi from there to Satkhol. Train takes about 6 hours and then its another 2 hours by road.
  • I recommend breaking for lunch at the I heart cafe, just before Bhowali; Pizza and cold coffee are to die for.

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6 thoughts on “#TravelTales – A House of Chocolate in Mukteshwar

  1. That place looks straight out of a fairy tale nestled in the hills surrounded by flora. Whenever I see ‘Open since…’, I for some reason imagine the year 1835. But then ‘since 2005…’ also means this place has been functioning for a long time. Different flavours of chocolate seems to be interesting and a little perfect for the seet craving after a meal. Cappuchino would have been a safe bet for me too and a pepper-chilly flavour complete no-no for me.

  2. You are an explorer. As much as I would like to visit places, going alone is not my thing. :/
    Can you believe while I like chocolate, I don’t eat them? As in I save chocolates because they are so good that I don’t want to finish up and then I end up giving away 😛
    Loved your post and more so the information on how you reached. Very helpful. I may see a bit of Ramgarh this August.

  3. It’s such a quaint little village shop….does remind us of the novel Chocolat.
    Good information, I will add it to places with visiting list. Thanks

  4. Nice post. Rekindled my memory of hiking in the hills. It was long long time before. Cool weather, rustling of deodar tree branches. Anticipation of seeing a snow clad peak. Amid all these a chocolate shop. They make or simply sell?

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