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#ThursdayTreeLove – Rosy pink lanterns of the Flame Gold tree

As the year turns, this is the last edition of #ThursdayTreeLove of 2019 and I bring to you the gorgeous Flame Gold rain tree. I came across this tree in the Sunder nursery during one of my tree walks in October. I have never ever seen or heard of this tree. It was an absolute delight to make its acquaintance.

Genus: Koelreuteria Elegans

Common name: Flame gold rain tree / Taiwanese rain tree

When I had my first glimpse of the tree, I mistook these pink tipped branches as the flowers of the Flame Gold rain tree. In fact, the three lobed lantern like rose pink pod is actually the fruit of the tree and not the flowers. Since I didn’t see its yellow flowers, I assumed this to be the most delightful sight. My guess is that the tree doesn’t look that glorious when flowering. Its these lanterns which makes it uniquely pretty.

I was told that these papery pods retain their color even after falling off the tree. Some places these are treasured in dry flower arrangements. I so wanted to bring some of them home, but was unable to break them off as they were quite high up.

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Flame gold rain tree favors the tropical and sub tropical climate and is oft planted as a landscape tree. Its generally a broad spreading tree that stays evergreen year around.

I loved this gorgeously endowed deciduous tree that is flourishing in the Sunder Nagar nursery in New Delhi and I urge you to go and have a look at it. If you take pains to walk around, you might spot another one of these tucked away in one obscure corner.

Joining in the #Thursdaytreelove linky with Parul Β which is a fortnightly feature every month.

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16 thoughts on “#ThursdayTreeLove – Rosy pink lanterns of the Flame Gold tree

    1. Thanks Archana – you have seen a tree near your place? Pls do share some pics of it. I would love to see this tree when it flowers

    1. Not familiar with Moussanda but yes the pink gold is just divine to see! I really wish I had been able to get some twigs home to keep in a jar on my table πŸ™‚

    1. Oooh I love that description a lot Shilpa and yes trees do look ever so gorgeous when the flowering is on!!! πŸ™‚

  1. The tree looks beautiful and confuses me too. It feels like a big bougainvillea. I would love to see one. The color is also a different kind of pink making it look unique. Thanks for joining, Shalini! Also, I am grateful to have your support through 2019. Looking forward to your lovely posts in 2020 too.
    See you on the 9th!

    1. Hey there Parul – yeah the papery feel of these fruits and the shape is reminiscent of the bougainvillea. But these are fruits whereas those are flowers πŸ™‚ I am hoping to see this tree when its in full flowering mode. A trip to the Sundar Nursery is due from my end and hopefully I will get to it soonest.

      I am truly loving being a part of this blog hop as its let me explore my tree love too. Thank you for having such a marvelous one. Happy to be part of it! See you for sure on the other side of 2020

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