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Under the protection of the Arjuna tree | ThursdayTreeLove |

Genus: Terminalia Arjuna

Common Name: Arjuna / Tella Maddi / Dhavala / Kumbuk / Neer Maruthu / Arjun Gach / White Marudah / Orjun

This gorgeous tree caught my attention for the rich reds and rust colored leaves that are popping up in the tree now, even as the other trees in the vicinity are turning bright green with fresh leaves. It started out with a pinkish red hue and then deepened to orange and finally a rust red. Check out the fallen leaves under the tree.

On closer inspection, I realized this is the Arjuna tree which bears wooden fruits that are very similar in shape to the star fruit. In my colony, this tree has been planted all over and some of them have become massive, both in canopy and in height. I am in absolute awe of this gorgeous tree and the way its leaves change color in season.

I could find a name for this tree in almost all Indian languages, making me wonder how widely planted it is in India.  In fact it is found all over the Indian subcontinent, Malaysia, Indonesia and Kenya. I saw an enormous grove of the Arjuna tree at the Sundar Nursery in New Delhi during a tree walk last October.

Traditionally the Arjuna tree is fondly called the Guardian of the heart as its widely used in treating heart diseases since ages. Did you know that the hero of the Mahabharata tale is named so after this tree and its protective effects?  

The Tassar silk producing moth loves to feed on the Arjuna tree, lending a commercial importance to this tree is today’s times. This tree also finds a welcome home on coffee plantations for its broad canopies to provide shade to the coffee plants. The bark and leaves contain tannin, which is of commercial value in industrial use.

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Thursday Tree Love is a fabulous tree hop by the lovely Parul K Thakur who opens the blog hop every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. So if you have a gorgeous tree to share with us, please link up on her post.

Meantime you can have a look at the tree I shared last fortnight here

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10 thoughts on “Under the protection of the Arjuna tree | ThursdayTreeLove |

  1. Beautiful 🙂 what a perfect click, very creative, liked the way you clicked the leaf:) the tree looks gorgeous. I admire your efforts in bringing in so much knowledge, well researched and every time I learn something new from your post. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

    1. Thank you Angela – glad you liked that bit too. I found the leaves really pretty and love the shades they turn everyday. I keep coming across them on my walks and its quite a pleasure to click them.

  2. Wow, that’s a galore of information there, Shalz! I had no idea about any of these. Thank you for making the Tree Love hop such a knowledge hub, Shalini. Lovely click too! 🙂

    1. Thanks Vini- I really love this blog hop and its a pleasure to read up and share info about the trees I see around me daily.

  3. I love the langage in speaking about the trees and making it conversational, Shalz. The Arjuna has many properties and didn’t know the Guardian of the Heart could give shade to coffee plantation. Admire your dedication and passion.

    1. Thanks Vishal – this blog hop is just perfect to showcase my love for trees. I love noticing and clicking the variety of trees that are around me.

  4. I love the information that you shared about this tree. I may have seen this but can’t say for sure. The red leaves is a good identifier though. Thank you so much Shalini for educating us all and bringing in stories from around about trees. I love having you around on the blog hop.
    See you tomorrow.

  5. Loved the pictures and the write up Shalz. I believe I’ve seen this tree recently but hadnt been able to recognise it. Your pic with the fruits is what reminded me of that tree. I will now be on the lookout when I go to that place again…

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