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 “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” -Socrates

shilpa - guest postHello Readers! Today on my blog I have the vivacious Shilpa Garg from Jaipur who is talking about the changes in her bookish life. She is a Prolific Blogger, Avid Reader, Passionate Baker, Travel Enthusiast and an Amateur Photographer. You can read about her tips for using Goodreads here

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Change is the only constant in life. Wherever we look, life is all about changing, growing and evolving. Change does not necessarily have to be big. It can be small decisions, which little by little, end up turning our life into something completely different. My reading life has followed a similar pattern. My bookish habits have changed over the years. Here are some of them:

Change#1. I am a Kindle Convert

For a long time, I was a print-or-nothing-snob and then Kindle came in my life. It wasn’t love at first sight but how things have changed! I can’t deny it, yes, I am totally smitten and am now an ardent Kindle devotee. Though I have a huge collection of unread physical books which I want to read, but cannot, due to reasons like ‘too heavy, too small’… So, either I end up buying Kindle versions of my physical books or ignore them completely. I have eyes only for my Kindle! Kindle is love!

Change#2. I Cannot Not Do Reading Challenges

I have been a prolific reader. But even prolific readers can get stuck in a rut. I remember a time, when I was reading only romance or just thrillers. I discovered Reading Challenges some 8 years ago. And these Reading Challenges have pushed me to read a little more. A little differently. About different topics. They have truly helped to expand my reading horizons and experiences.

Change#3. I am Reading Diverse Genres

Because of the prompts from the various reading challenges, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and read non-fiction and dystopian novels and explored some genres and authors which I was totally ignorant of. Do you know that there is a sub-genre of Romance called Christian Romance in which both the hero and heroine are devout Christians and are typically focused on a chaste courtship?

Change#4. I am Tracking My Reading

Earlier, I used to read books and that was it. If I were to list the titles, I have read in all my growing up years, I am sure, I’d miss more than half of them. But now, as soon as I finish reading a book, it is recorded in a spreadsheet with all its details which includes name, author, number of pages, date read, format of the book and even my star rating. Yes, I am super proud of my spreadsheets and love updating them. I track my reading on Goodreads too.

Change#5. I Use Goodreads More

Goodreads has become my go-to literary social media network. I use it to read reviews of fellow book worms, share my reviews, compare reading taste with friends (this helps to follow their recommendations blindly), make a note of favourite passages and quotes from the books, track my reading challenges, discuss books with fellow readers and much more.

Change#6. I am OK with DNF

A few years ago, quitting a book would be a big No for me. Then Edgar Allan Poe’s words, “I intend to put up with nothing that I can put down,” started speaking to me. Also, life’s too short to read poorly written books. So, now I can easily DNF (Did Not Finish) a book if it does not hold my interest. If a book does not hook me within the first 70-80 pages and if the writing is bad, I have no qualms in dropping it.

That’s all I can think of for now. What about you?

How has your reading changed over the past few years?

Did you find any similarities to my changes in your bookish life?

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6 thoughts on “6 Changes in my Bookish life | Books |

  1. M exactly the same for kindle! I was like no and then I’ve had mine for 4 years and I couldn’t not have it anymore ! Same for DNF, challenges and goodreads! And also tracking my read! Also I used to think it wasn’t okay not to read more than 10 books a month due to bigger blog but hey if I read just one or two that’s okay as long as I enjoyed them!
    Lovely post 🙂

  2. I was constantly nodding my head there Shilpa. Same here about being a Kindle convert or quitting books if they just don’t strike a chord. I know you are an avid reader and I love your reviews on Goodreads.

  3. Interesting and relatable post. My brother gifted me the Kindle device (I would not have bought it otherwise) came as a wonderful, pleasant surprise! I never thought I would say this but I find Kindle device (Not app. Reading on the app is very stressful). And yes, I track my reading on Goodreads, however I like to read at my own pace. And I’m totally fine with DDF. 🙂

  4. I am still not a Kindle convert yet, but I can totally see that happening in a few years. I love Goodreads for book reviews and tracking. I am glad there’s a site completely dedicated to book reading. Oh yes, even I am ok with DNF.

  5. Kindle is pure love and have an app. I plan to get a proper kindle next year. Wow, Shilpa, these are great ways to rekindle the love for reading and Goodreads is a good way to check out books and tracking reading.

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