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Mister God, This is Anna by Fynn | Book Review |

guest blogger- sunita saldhana - annaToday is the 3rd posting for the DecGP2020 and my guest blogger is Sunita Saldhana– a poet, blogger and writer. She blogs about things she cares for and things that drives her mad. Sunita loves to review books by other authors and shares good books with the world on her blogs and

She has published two books on Amazon. “Love and curses”  and a book of poems “Who Shall I be Today”.

You can read this article on her blog

Title: Mister God, This is Anna

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Author: Fynn William Papas

There are books you read once in your life and then there are books you have a life long relationship with. Books that you keep coming back to; that you find comfort in; books that challenge you to think beyond the neat boxes in your mind. Then there are Books that you keep picking up to read or flip through all your life long because they have become so much a part of you. “Mister God, This Is Anna.” is one such book for me. As Vernon Sproxton who has written the introduction to the book says, it is an “Ah! Book.” A book that “touches the nerve centre of your entire being and induces a fundamental change in your consciousness”

This is what the blurb at the back of the book has to say

“Mister God, This is Anna is a true story of a very special relationship between Anna and Fynn. Anna was only four years old when Fynn, then only sixteen himself, found her wandering the streets of London’s docklands. Badly neglected and abandoned by her parents, she leapt at the chance to stay with Fynn’s family.

The impact of this extraordinary child on Fynn’s family and neighbourhood friends was to be immense. Nobody who met Anna could remain the same: this intelligent, lively, precocious little chatterbox would completely disarm adult preconceptions with her innocent world view. Her outpourings on life, mathematics, science and her mentor, Mister God, so elegantly recounted by Fynn and illustrated by Papas, have made this bestselling book compulsive reading for all ages.”

My experience while reading the book.

The book totally blew me away. Strangely, it was not a book I could read in one sitting, because ever so often, I just had to stop to catch my breath in amazement and ponder over what I had read.

I particularly like the conversation between Anna and the local parson

“Do you believe in God?”


“What is God then?”

“He is God.”

“Do you go to church?”


“Why not?’

“Because I know it all.”

“What do you know?”

“I know to love Mister God and to love people and dogs and cats and spiders and flowers and trees” and the catalogue went on, “with all of me.”

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Mister god this is Anna - book review- guest post- fiction

Anna is four when the book starts and eight when it ends. Though a child, she has an awesome grasp of philosophy, science and Maths. She is able to relate this to her “Mister God” with whom she has a personal relationship. She relates the laws of reflection to how God does not reflect any judgement and so he is invisible because he absorbs everything in his love for us.

In another incident she tells Finn that she knows the answer to a squillion questions. (A squillion being many many millions). When he refutes her she asks him how much is two plus one, or three plus zero or two hundred and three minus three; thus proving that there can be a squillion questions with the same answer in this case “three”.

She felt that it was important to ask the right questions, because we already know the answers but the questions help us realize that.

I could go on and on, but I do hope you pick up the book and read it yourself. This one is definitely a keeper.

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  1. I love the squillion interpreted in the book review doing with detail to make the book to read. The idea of Mister God is about our personal equation and how true.

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