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[B] The Body Art in Bikaner, Rajasthan | Travel Tales | #atoz

While visiting Shekhawati, my home stay manager suggested we check out the camel fair that takes place annually in the desert, just 40 km from Bikaner, where cattle owners come to sell their livestock and it’s quite a catwalk event as the animals are dolled up for probable sales. ⇐ Shekhawati is known to be… Read More [B] The Body Art in Bikaner, Rajasthan | Travel Tales | #atoz

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[E] Emu & the Entrepreneur #atozchallenge 2017

Cruising on NH-8 towards Shekhawati on one sunny January morning, we passed by fields of golden bouquets of mustard flowers, waving their heads merrily in welcome. Ofcourse we stopped to hop into the fields and pose and preen. Aiming to reach our destination in five hours (homestay manager had estimated 3-4 hours drive), we made… Read More [E] Emu & the Entrepreneur #atozchallenge 2017

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[A] April Fools in Rajasthan | Travel Tales | #atoz

Read about the largest open air art gallery in Asia which lies unattended and uncared for in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan state. I was stunned by the gorgeous artwork on almost every wall on this village. Do have a look people!… Read More [A] April Fools in Rajasthan | Travel Tales | #atoz