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#MondayMusings: Reflections 2018 & WOTY 2019

Its that time of the year when one sets resolutions and WOTY! Also refelcts on the year gone by and what could be done better and what was fabulous, etc. So this is a combined post from my end to talk about all of this stuff in one go!… Read More #MondayMusings: Reflections 2018 & WOTY 2019

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Thankfullness Ahoy!!

 All through 2016 I have been moaning n groaning about how terrible this year is being to me. I ranted at the divine and blamed the universe for pushing me so hard. When the turmoil settled in deep, I got used to it and started going along with it in a zombie like trance.  Eventually…………………… I snapped!… Read More Thankfullness Ahoy!!