Guestblogging : “The confessions of a stationery enthusiast”


“The confessions of a stationery enthusiast”

I love stationery.

There is no two ways about it, new notebooks make me excited, I want to write in them but at the same time I want them to stay perfect. When I was younger starting school meant a whole new set of stationery, from pens to rulers, notebooks to folders. Now as an ‘adult’ I still want to buy new stationery, even though I have more notebooks than I’ll ever need! Sometimes I think if I was a criminal, stationery stores, Bookshops and Coffee shops would be the kinds of places I would concentrate on.


I love to write or rather I should say that I live to write. I am a kind of person who pours my heart out when I am doing so. Who wouldn’t want to do so in style? Some people I know they would use computer or iPad to jot down their thoughts or posts. One freak I know he is my best friend and wouldn’t mind being called as freak, writes his types on mobile. They choose the tools they are comfortable with.

I pick paper and pen as when I look at a blank paper or a new notebook I feel like I am going to open the cupboard to enter the new world, a new Narnia. It’s a magical place to start with. You have all the colours to fill in, all the emotions to pour in, all the fears to deal with, and all the love to give. This can’t be done without loving the tools in hand. When you love your tools you tend to go overboard. I confess, sometimes I do go overboard.


Writing for me is like caring for my own baby, and stationery for me is like pampering him with my love. I love to spoil my kid with lots of pens in different colours, shapes, notebooks, crayons etc. Which parent wouldn’t love to shower his/her kids with gifts?

Walking into a stationery stores makes me a kid again. I start to imagine all the possibilities of telling my stories, my fantasies to the world. I would visualize all the great, sometimes not so great things I can do with them.


As writing is my window into the world, stationery is the weapon to pry opens that world. I can’t imagine going into the battlefield naked. It is my tool. As a computer programmer has programming languages as his tool, without that he can’t express his creativity, how can a writer think about creating a world without his own set of tools?

The smell of paper, the sound of cracking open a new notebook, the riots of colour you see when you open a crayon set, the scratching sound of pen or pencil over the paper it all gives me a kind of satisfaction which can’t be explained. The impression of words left on the pages below gives me a kind of joy; I feel it is giving the same impression however feeble, to the people who will read my thoughts. These things can’t be achieved in electronic form.

This is the very first Guestblogging post on my blog and I am very excited about it. A huge thank you to Romila who ventured to write about her stationary love. I hope you will love her awesome writing style and heap accolades on her post.

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8 thoughts on “Guestblogging : “The confessions of a stationery enthusiast”

  1. Thank you Shalz. I appreciate your willingness to publish my guest post in your blog. Fantastic! It has been a real pleasure to collaborate. I look forward to future opportunities to blog together.

  2. I could so relate to this post since I am obsessed about stationary too. The notebooks, colorful papers and glittery pens always get me excited. Love the colorful papers … beautiful collection Roms

  3. That is some really cute stationery! I too like small journals and write down my plans and goals for the day in it. There is always some kind of emotion attached writing with a pen on paper.


  4. Hey Love Roms, This is an amazing post on Shalz’s blog. I have seen your collection and I always liked it. Your collection of pretty notebooks and journals are worth a mention. I am obsessed too! Pens are my favorites.

  5. This is such a lovely post.
    I enjoyed reading that I buy stationary if I not need them and the criminal wala idea.
    In future let us do it together to rob a stationary or book coffer shop.

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