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I signed up to review this book titled Finding Juliet (the author’s name was more eye-catching than the book title 😊 ) which I felt was an apt read to start on 14th Feb the day of love!!!
An honest confession: I picked up this book purely to prove to myself that I can still read mushy tales. 🙃

I expected no literary brilliance from this books in terms of language, nuances or even context; going by the cover, it looked like a quickie – light and fun to read!

Our hero Arjun is a techie so he just had to be labelled a geek (why?) and the tale begins in Bangalore where he has currently moved for a change of pace (to heal his broken heart).
Arjun has been failing at this particular emotion since school days, through college and continuing onto his first job as well. All through this trauma, his one source of solace and sympathy is his childhood BFF.
His bleeding heart finds expression in his poetry which soon is a hit in the virtual world. A famous movie songwriter starts buying his poetry for his songs, albeit without credit.
He finds some camaraderie in an office colleague at the new job who turns out to be an expert on “what women want ” (really!?!) and proceeds to counsel our geek after hearing his woeful romantic experiences – all of which lacked conviction, in my opinion. It seems our hero is quite unaware of how/what love seems/feels like. Therefore, he never managed to get the girl, any girl and couldn’t even understand why. (Headbang moment for me was the analytical gyaan our guru offered on every tale of love)
Anyways moving on, our expert manages to perform a miracle by physically transforming the geek into a Stud and with some pearls on manly wisdom, he sets him on the course.
Lo and behold, our virginal and never-been-kissed hero metamorphosises into a nymphomaniac and succeeds in having the most bizarre sex escapades possible with an even more (if possible) bizarre set of women. Yeah he just turned into a sex magnet, attracting every woman he found interesting.
( The author really seems to have lost the plot when it came to sex scenes. His writing lacked maturity and plausibility the most at this juncture).
The plot blunders on the raunchy road, punctuated by everyone’s failed romances- his guru, his boss and even his BFF seems to be in a confusing relationship plus incidents of drugs, rave party, infidelity, etc thrown in for an extra casual measure.
Needless to say, the book had a very predictable end and I couldn’t wait for it to get over with it.
In hindsight, maybe this book was too “young” for me as I just couldn’t relate with the characters or the plot. The narration too is patchy as the author attempts to fill in every trick in the book into the plot.
What I also couldn’t connect to in this book was the way women, love and sex were portrayed in it – shallow, easily available and without any real interest.
It simply failed big time on the mush factor, making me wonder has the author ever experienced love?
I don’t think this book will make it to my top 100 of the year or even be recommended to my fellow book lovers for its sheer lack of maturity.

And yes I still have to prove to myself whether I can genuinely plough through the mush!!! 😉 Anyone recco a good one pls!?!

 ‘I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’
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  1. Is the author’s name really Toffee? I suppose the author is a man. I think women authors’ works have more chances of having the mush part. I wonder how can somebody’s anatomy be changed from a geek to a stud. To me, all such books seem to be too bollywoodish and hence I refrain.

    1. I picked this book out of curiosity as I mentioned…. It wasnt the perfect choice. Yea h too many holes in the story to be real.

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