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#ThankfulThursdays: 5 Vices I am thankful for


I confess I have become addicted to the thought-provoking writing prompts via #thankfulthursdays by Amrita and her gang of girls. Every week I wait for it eagerly and they never disappoint. But this week’s prompt is such a tantalizing one that I think the ladies have surpassed themselves. Can you imagine being thankful for your vices? I mean we are berated all the time for having them- right? And these ladies have turned it around into such a brain teasing writing prompt.

Here is my take on the vices I feel I am glad to possess and why. (The little red guy on my shoulder is dancing for joy as I type this out)
  1. Short attention span: 

    There are very few things in my life which are a constant, for I am one of those who thrives on change. I also feel one life is too short to do it all (variety is the spice of life) and abhor routine of any sorts for too long. So, I end up adapting very quickly to any change and feel at home anywhere and with anyone – which lets me have some amazing experiences. How is this a vice? Well for example, I am an HR person’s nightmare as I have more jobs on my CV than years (the amount of gyaan I have heard due to this is actually hilarious now) –  I have been told innumerable times to be a stick-in-the-mud to stay steadfast in a job, place, hobby….. I call it being versatile while they call it being unreliable!!! 😉

  2. I  know my mind: 

    I tend to favor my impulses and make quick decisions – be it shopping, which movie to watch, what to eat, etc. So I tend to finish faster than most people.I hate wasting time and dithering over things, making me the worst GF to shop with! Even in relationships, I tend to define the boundaries first to avoid misunderstandings or over expectations – often to my detriment! I have been asked to include a bit of artifice in my dealings as the men have claimed to feel emasculated with my taking the lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Errrr Ummmm….. Darling then you are not my cup of tea!!! 🙂

  3. I say NO:

    My mother dreads asking me to do anything, especially when she knows it’s an unpleasant task or unreasonable one; that is because I wont hesitate to say NO to her. Its taken me years but I have learnt the importance of loving myself and not giving into emotional blackmail, guilt and martyrdom. I have earned the sobriquet of being stubborn, arrogant, hot-headed, wilful……… (you get the drift).But I know that I have achieved an incredible peace of mind via this “vice” of mine, and am extremely grateful for that!

  4. Make friends very fast:

    I love meeting people, find it easy to break the ice and make conversations plus I am a good listener – all of this leads to very quick friendships and with people of all ages. As a result my social circle is varied and large but it has posed many a problems. I have had get togethers at my house where peeps havent gelled together (be it due to age / profession or personality type), resulting in awkward moments. (can you imagine the painful conversations later on?) Or people have felt ignored since I havent had the time to catch up with them. I end up loosing some friends too as a result!!!

  5. Social media addict:

    I am a self-confessed social media addict but I am not hooked onto it as a lifeline or lifestyle. I simply adore the technology when it comes to sharing thoughts, emotions, photographs, ideas and stay connected with people across oceans and time constraints. But I have made it a rule to not play with my phone when I am in company of others or plug away at it till wee hours of the night. I can stay apart from my phone (or any other gadget) without any separation angst or worse, fear of missing out !! I am just thankful to it for helping me find long-lost friends, stay in touch with my family and explore all sorts of new horizons.

    There you go peeps – my five vices that I am grateful for. Which one do you think is the most annoying? 

 I am linking up this post with Amrita for #thankfulthursdays

So proud and happy that this post won this week’s #ThankfulThursday
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25 thoughts on “#ThankfulThursdays: 5 Vices I am thankful for

  1. oh my god..right you are..i am reading your post.. point to my head it goes ping, ping and i would smiling all the way through it. lovely post..well thought. keep it up.

  2. Exciting vices Shalzz.I have to say if saying No is a vice ,I suffer from it too.Wonderful knowing your super vices .This exciting prompt is credited to the genius Mayuri.So glad you enjoyed writing with us for #Thankful Thursdays.

    1. Exciting!!! ha ha ha!!! Thanks Amzy!!
      I am trying to keep up with your writing prompet; been very selective and wary with the prompts now after some “incidents” – your prompts just rock!! Looking forward to the next one! 🙂

  3. This was a fun read. When I read the post title, I too thought how can one be thankful for one’s vices and then you proved me wrong. I really liked the versatile and unreliable point. Saying No is my vice too. I am slightly high on schedule planning and anything which doesn’t fit in with my schedule, I have no qualms in telling no.

  4. Very interesting to read about your vices because they tell me a lot about you as a person and I loved the humor and candour with which you’ve spoken about yourself. To me, honesty, as one of your strong points, defines you and I must mention that I always enjoy your posts because I find them refreshingly different and honest from the rest. Keep writing, Shalini and good luck with everything that you do!

    1. Wow Esha your comment is making me zip around the room right now!!! Thank you so much – these words mean so much to someone just pulling up her blog. May the universe bless you for this joy!!! I love your Skywatch posts too- interesting and hatke perspective!!! Cheers to a great sunday

  5. I think we all are social media addicts too. These days its all about social media especially for us bloggers. Thanks for appreciating our prompt and linking up with #ThankfulThursday. 🙂

    1. ohhh how true is that Mayuri!! I am so happy for that one too!
      Glad you enjoyed my post; Its good to know I m enjoying my Vices!!!

    1. oh what a sweet comment this is Bushra; I do miss my blog buddies too but am always here for the support. You know I had no choice but to leave – I am not one for hypocricy and putting down other people. I hope we stay blogging friends forever and who knows someday we will meet too. I am happy to have met you online.

  6. Its a wonderful list Shalzy and you should be proud of them. I have learnt to say NO – after a looooooooong time. And I guess better late than never – The ability to say no is good!

    1. Oh Thank you so much Roma – that feels so good to hear! Thanks for this big ego boost.
      P.S. reminds me I havent shown any love to your blog in ages…

  7. I see how you are a blogging queen! You have all the networking qualities and you are hardworking. 🙂 Learning to say No is difficult and I am yet to master it. Some day Soon!

    1. Oh My Ranjini thats high praise indeed. So glad you loved this post- its one of my best I think.
      You will get there – patience and preserverence and yes loads of practice too 😉

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