#BookSlutThursday – A new contest for the love of books in Feb 2017

#BookSlutThursday with #shalzmojosays


Hola peeps!

February is traditionally the month of love and mera pyar (my love)  is Books Books and more books!!! So I have decided to celebrate this month with the love of books exhibited everywhere.

I have taken inspiration from this tag #BookSlutThursday which I spotted on Nidhi’s Insta account (check out her account for some pic inspirations) and have taken her permission to copy it through. (BTW check out BYOBIndia – a unique book club that is Nidhi’s brainchild and now spread across many cities of India)

So what do you have to do? Very simple – just follow the basic guidelines and follow and share and read!!!

Check out this post as a sample #BookSlutThursday


  • Day of posting – every Thursday all through February 2017 (Link will stay open till Sunday 23.55 IST)
  • Click an interesting pic of your that week’s reading list / book you have bought / old ones from your bookshelf that you are re-reading (about 2-4 books) and write a brief 2-3 liner on each selection.
  • Also include 1-2 items of stationary – could be something gifted/ bought or just for the love of stationary; write 2-3 liner on the items selected
  • Include some other “props” if you so desire and can elaborate about those too if you like or not.
  • Ensure your pic is whacky / quirky to be noticed and talked about.                                                                (Hint: colour code your books n accessories, choose unusual props, while writing include interesting tidbits about the books selected, mention if you are part of any book reading challenge for the year 2017)
  • Picture to be posted on Instagram and include the phrase  #bookslutthursday with #shalzmojosays . Tag us @shalzmojo and 3 more of your book-loving friends who are on instagram and might be keen to join in.
  • Use the Picture with the description and write a blog post which is to be added to our blog linky
  • Read, comment and share the host and other participants blog posts from thursday to Wednesday                 (at least 3 posts)
  • While sharing the posts on social media, use the phrase #bookslutthursday with #shalzmojosays
  • Follow us on Instagram Twitter Facebook
  • Follow/Subscribe to my blog
  • Contest is open to people in India only                                                                                                              (you may participate even if you don’t reside in India, but prize will be mailed only on an Indian postal address)
  • Every week one top post will be selected
  • At the end of the month one winner will be declared who will win a copy of this book                                       (so you need to post every week to be eligible for a win)book-slut-thursday-byob-books-bookshelf-TBR-stationary-bookchor-loveofreading- book-award-prize

Add your linkys here

This link up will remain open from Thursday 2nd Feb 01:00 IST through Sunday 5th Feb 23:55 IST

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14 thoughts on “#BookSlutThursday – A new contest for the love of books in Feb 2017

  1. I have read all the rules, and regulations.
    Now I am ready to pick up a book today itself, and gonna click it with all stationaries that I use while reading the book.

    Thank you for this giveaway.
    It is an amazing start of the month of love and yay my love is books too 🙂

    1. Thanks Dixie- I am really looking forward to your posts as I feel you are very creative. And very lucky too as I keep seeing your wins on various contests. So all the best for #bookslutthursday with #shalzmojosays.
      BTW there is another contest being announced on Friday the 3rd Feb 2017 – so do stay tuned for it! (Hint – its to do with guestblogging + Book Reviews) 😉

    1. Thanks Alana – I hope to see atleast one posting from you too as I feel you take some very nice pics as can be seen on your blogposts.
      Opening another contest on books on 3rd feb 2017 but alas! I am limited by postal codes for give-aways!!!!! 🙂

  2. Shalz! I am done with the prompt & submitted as well as it is done in Instagram too. Followed all the rules.

    1. Oh Yay!! so glad to hear that!! but this is a borrowed phrase from a friends TL who graciously loaned it to me. I have been loving it and you dont need to feel you cant take great pics- its digital – if youdont like it, shoot one more. Look at interesting things to pair up; colours pick from the book covers or contrast them, etc.. Give it a whirl Ranjini- I am looking forward to seeing a post from you soon 😉

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