#BookSlutThursday- Week4



Week 4

  1. The moment I saw this 50th anniversary edition of The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, said to be her autobiographical novel and is only one that she ever wrote, I just had to pick it up. It’s been on my TBR since ages and I couldn’t resist when I saw this beautiful copy in Gulshan bookstore in Srinagar.
  2. When I saw a post on writers melon for a free copy of this book in lieu of a book review, I applied for it. Finding Juliet by Toffee is up for my next read and am hoping it makes my valentine week a real romantic one 😜 (Will write its review by this weekend) 
  3. A collection of short stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez was gifted by a friend and I am very excited as I have been wanting to read this renowned author for quite sometime now.
  4. I have been wanting to learn Tarot since ages and discovering this book while cleaning my shelf, led me to put it on my this weeks TBR –  The Möbius Guides Tarot by Kristyna Arcarti and I don’t remember when I picked it up.
  5. The gorgeous B/W Bond postcard is a gift from an online friend who knows how much I love postcards.
  6. And she also sent this dagger -i-licious diary from the Prince of Wales museum, Mumbai
  7. And this ultra cool felt owly bookmark, which is gone way up there in my collection.
  8. The quilled bookmark is from Srilanka which I picked up from this years Surajkund craft mela
  9. Lastly, my tarot deck which I bought a few months ago; they say a tarot deck only comes to those who are destined to read them!! Lets see if I become one so too!!

There you go Junta, this is my take on this weeks #bookslutthursday. Looking forward to your posts now.

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21 thoughts on “#BookSlutThursday- Week4

  1. Finding Juliet by Toffee was a received as a review copy last year – read/finished
    A collection of short stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a must read.
    The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, not my sort of reading
    I love post cards too but never someone sent me not only one.
    dagger -i-licious diary looks very special.
    oh from Srilanka so mela has international sellers too.
    tarot deck isnt it, do you know how to read them? if yes you will be my personal tarot reader.

    1. I will be posting my review of Finding Juliet soon….its for Writer melon!
      Tarot reading not as yet- but my fascination for them has been since long. let me learn and then maybe will try out a reading with you
      I shall send you some postcards- interesting ones soon!
      thanks so much for your lovely words Roms

  2. Ah, the Bell Jar. I read that in college (many, many years ago) and can barely even remember it. I have a problem right now – I took too many books out of the library, and will have to return most of them, unread. Alas!

    1. I am loving the book and going real slow as I want to savour it out
      I can relate to the unread book issue; have a few that I borrowed from my friends but couldnt read- have to return them now
      Do share your current reads Alana – I am always interested in new books, genres and authors 🙂

  3. Sylvia Plath was an incredible woman who died way to young. Love The Bell Jar. An old favourite. I really admire the way you beautifully decorate your books and props. Come back soon, will chew your brains for designing tips too. Thankful to you for #BookSlutThursday Shalzy❤

  4. Lovely collection Shalzz.I have a little weird taste in books ,so most of these are not on my shelf.But after your recomendation will be checking them out

    1. Thanks Amrita…I don’t believe in such a thing as weird taste in books as I find every topic fascinating…. Well almost every.

      I am very intrigued by your book selections and have also marked them to pick up later. I hardly read non fiction. So thanks for such lovely reccos

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