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This is the post for my love of comics.

If you have a ‘good’ childhood, you probably have an idea that comics means. I met my first comic when I was 9 year old. My ‘Aenglish’ was terrible. I used to pronounce I like that way.  A super rich relative’s kids who were fond of reading comics gave me to read and it was ‘Archie.’ As I was bookworm, I went straight to the library with that Archie comic and told librarian to provide such books to me. He showed me the Hall of fame. You know when you get your kinda book in library; you always feel ‘Hall of Fame’.

I went and searched a lot after a lot of searching I got one, that comic was and still my best ‘The Adventures of Asterix and Obelix.’ After reading two or three, I left the fancy affair as new edition took years to come. When I was in second year of my graduation, I visited the library and found a kids section has took over the Hall of Fame. This was exciting, I went and searched, they have got all the 35 editions and I read all. Time lapsed and I was inclined to ebooks. I found then on internet and treasured it all again. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting you the

The Adventures of Asterix and Obelix.

Let’s get a fact check first. The Adventures of Asterix is a series of comics appeared in French in was in 1959. If I remember correctly, Albert Uderzo wrote the books. Today more than 1 million copies of the comic has been sold. There are total 12 movies has been made till date!


In the comic, Asterix is portrayed as the strong traditional warrior, who lived in Armorica. All Gaul is under Roman control, except for one small village in Armorica, the village which was facing criticalities due to the Roman Empire expansion. Although Asterix is small in size, he comes out witty, who demonstrates intelligence beating strength. In his journey there’s a buddy of the Asterix who accompanies in his adventure, his name is Obelix.

Gauls names are unique. Male names end with “-ix” and the female names with sound “aa” at the end.

The village of Gaul is under threat. Asterix though brave, is not the village leader. Most of the jokes need to understand the situations. The language used in the naming conventions seems to be pretty French with some Gothic styles. The fight sequence, the wit and humor and the message at the end of the comic is what keeps you hooked.  Asterix and Caesar’s Gift is my personal favorite

Meet the Gauls


So why I like The Asterix?

Everyone needs a magic potion in life. Like coffee and tea. I drink Tea is my potion.  Conversations are the opportunities, that’s why I am on Twitter. We can fight with fists but the words get even deeper. Especially I have learnt that “What did you say”? “Talk to the toddler” And all such instances where the fight can erupt in real life as well as in the comic. Celebrations for every reason. Gauls are so loving and lives like as family. The truth is that they love each other very much. When someone is being annoying, they teach us that they we should deal them accordingly. The most common and my personal favorite phrase from the book is “Ils sont fous ces enfants.”, google it to know what it means.

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Masoom is a science graduate currently working on the planetary atmospheres in Space sciences.He is a Python and Perl Programmer. He blogs about the anecdotes on feelings, life and social experiences.


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11 thoughts on “| Guestblogging | Comics | The adventures of Asterix & Obelix | Albert Uderzo |

  1. I used to love them as a child. But it has been long since I even thought about the characters. The post did take me back to my child hood days 🙂

  2. It is always a memorable thing to get back to the books of one’s childhood. I remember reading Champak, Nandan and Chacha Chaudhari as a child. Will get more info on this one …:)

  3. You took me back to my childhood. Loved Archie, Tintin and Asterix. My son enjoyed the Tintin comics too so I got to read them again.

    1. Thanks Suzy. Comics, I think are evergreen. You mentioned all the ones I used to spend all my pocket money on

  4. I think it was in my childhood I read this comic and reading this post did take me back to those times. Masoom I liked you writing style. If I was comic crazy I would have pinged you to get some share from your collection.

  5. This will always remain one of the best comic book series for me. It was hilarious, I know but it was extremely smart too! From the original language to English translation and yet, the puns and jokes never got lost in translation.

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