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[I] Innovation in India |#atozchallenge 2017|

A2Z-BADGE-2017-blogging-challenge-theme-reveal-travel-stories-picture-speaks-louder-than-words-april-shalzmojosaysIndian roads never disappoint with their logic defying mind teasing sights like an entire family of eight on a two-wheeler or a truck with things hanging from all sides like slippers (to ward off evil eye) or lemon and chillies (evil eye) or even women’s hair decorations or motorcycles with elaborate decor, etc. The colours, patterns and ideas can be rib-tickling hilarious as well.

So many hues painted on the wheels of a horse cart!
Check out this face painted in the rear-view mirror on a bike. Dont miss the colourful hanging which women use to plait in their hair.

They say neccessity innovation is the mother of all inventions; true for the Indian context to the dot. This is again something we Indians excel at. Jugaadu means someone who can be innovative and resourceful and this picture below will tell you exactly why.

While on one of my many road trips, I came across this duo:


The pillion rider is sitting astride a plastic chair. So I hailed out to them on the pretext of asking for directions and then generally wondered why he was so. It seemed they were transporting this chair to someone’s house and this was their perfect solution for it.

I just had to click a picture; when I asked him if I could – this is the pose he gave me as he was literally, tickled pink and couldn’t stop chuckling.

I was just amazed at his balance on the chair since it was not tied down to the bike.

‘People don’t take trips… trips take people.’

John Steinbeck

Whats the strangest sight you have come across on the roads?

In India?

Or abroad?

innovation - shekhawati-man on a bike- riding a chair - mustard fields - haryana - delhi
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Fact File:

  • Laws on Indian roads vary from region to region and no this is never considered illegal here.
  • Rural India runs on two wheelers and often is used to cart the most amazing load.


Jumping jiminiy J is headed your way tomorrow

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59 thoughts on “[I] Innovation in India |#atozchallenge 2017|

  1. Ah, the Indian roads. They are never short of hilarious things like this! That man on the chair had me laughing 😀 The things that amuse me more are the quotes written on the autorickshaws. While some are decent, most of them are funny one lines are makes me laugh out loud

    1. Oh I did consider as a J but then I found another story that suits J better; so turned it into I 🙂
      I was quite amazed that he didnt fall off!!!

  2. Can’t stop laughing looking at the duo on bike. India is the land of jugaads and everyone would agree to this. Wonderful post and you made my day. I even like the BRO ne liners on the himalayan roads. They too are fun reads.

    1. Hey thanks so much Dipanwita – you made my day with your lovely comment. I love the BRO liners too – they are really well thought of and someof them can be so funny!!! 🙂

  3. I think we Indians are the greatest people on earth. Nothing gets us down and we always find a way. Two funny things I saw were a Bullock cart driver talking on his mobile phone and the other was a bullock cart actually stopping by a petrol pump to get the air filled in the tyres! Funnily enough this was in the big bad city of Mumbai but in the days before mobile phones else I would have had a picture of a lifetime.

    1. Ha ha ha Sunita that sounds hilarious and I wish you had some pics of these moments. Indian roads I tell you 😉 especially the spellings in English – atrocious!!!! 😉

  4. You’ve put together some brilliant photos. I have my own collection as I live in India too. Yes innovation is the name of the game, isn’t it.
    The painted horse cart wheel is my favourite.

  5. A big Wow for your clicks here buddy particularly the one with the chair on the bike. This is epic never witnessed any thing like this !

    1. Ha ha not not very safe but this is how things are done in India. Convenience before safety. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by

  6. Hahaha… those are some funny clicks. Indians are amazing at Jugad. The chair on a bike is innovative!! I have seen a pepsi bottle attached to the nozzle (which is very large actually) of a hand pump in Punjab.

    1. Oh my pepsi bottle to the nozzle sounds funny too.
      I love road trips on Indian roads as one gets to see such hilarious stuff.
      There is one signboard I always see but fail to click – ” Child Beer” available here… ( Chilled Beer) 😉

    1. Ha ha Ramya- this is the magic of road trips – one gets to notice all such hilarious things there!!! 🙂

  7. The picture and the story behind it was too hilarious! I haven’t seen something like this in Mumbai, where everyone hides behind closed car windows. The most creative thing I’ve seen is people sitting on top of buses and travelling, and even that is a bit old and boring now 😛

  8. Hahahahahahaha!
    This was brilliant! That chair on motorbike… you actually took permission before taking the pic! Hahaha!
    Indians ARE jugadu! 😀

    1. First rule of being a photographer – always ask to take the pic!!! This has been grounded in me by my teachers – so yeah I asked him and I guess thats why he is so blown away! 😉
      This sure is one of the funniest things I have seen on Indian roads!! How about you?

  9. The man on the chair on the bike was hilarious:) Glad you were able to click a photo to share with all of us so that we could have a good laugh today.
    One of the funniest things was not something I saw but did. Decked in my finest glory, saree jewels makeup et all I drove myself and 6 others to my own engagement in a Santro: There were people on the road literally pointing at me:)
    Celebrating ‘Women & their work’ all April:INSPIRATIONAL INDIAN WOMAN: ACID ATTACK SURVIVOR LAXMI

    1. oh WOW!! Namy that sounds amazing – I cant drive when I wear a saree and I cna just imagine how cumbersome it must have been!! And I believe the pointing. 😉

  10. Haha… I was just explaining jugaad to a friend inside the operation theatre two days ago and here it is (under ‘I’, no less!) 😀
    As for why I needed to explain jugaad in an operation theatre, the less the public know the better :/

    1. Oh my now thats scary Doc 😉
      I had considered this as J for jugaad but converted it to innovation for a wider reach!!! 😉

  11. Lol, oh yes the jugaad you can see on Indian roads is from another planet. Loved all of the pics in your post, especially the last one, and the logic behind it was right on point

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