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Fallen from Grace {Friday Reflection}

Today morning the water bath on my balcony was visited by a pack of Jungle Babblers who were chattering raucously about god knows what. So much chatter early morning was invigorating to hear!

Moving into a new place comes with its set of new faces and personalities. I have been doing my bit to get on with the social activities of the colony to familiarize myself with the peeps here. One such lady seems to be a regular on the morning walks and pretty soon we were exchanging smiles daily.

Today morning the lady gestured me to join her in the walk. I was revved up in my momentum with my I-pod in full blast and only managed a vague no in passing. Next round she seemed a bit peeved and on reflection I realised she might be offended by my casual dismissal of her warm offer.

Oooops!!! What have I done? Flashed through the head, even as I was being charmed by the antics of this parakeet struggling to balance onto a swaying sunflower stalk – it had come to gorge on the goodies you see!

In the next round I was sure I had fallen from her grace by her not-so-warm demeanour. How to make amends now?

You see the thing is, I am on a sort of maun vrat in the morning after getting up – it helps that since I live alone, its easy to do it.

I am one of those who wants a me-time as soon as they are up and love the bubble of my head space with a soothing music on the i-pod as I pound the circuit.

I normally listen to chants or bhajans or even something soothing like waves crashing on the shore on my I-pod in the mornings. I find these lull me into energy and rhythm to face the hurry-scurry pace of the daily grind.

The lady (as do several others I have noticed) seem full of words in the morning which are just bubbling forth as she walks around with her companions. Somehow I cannot be part of animated conversations this early in the A.M. and would be at a loss to contribute to it too. I need the slow steady pace of quiet mingled with the serenity of nature and the promise of a hot cup at the end of it to recharge my verbosity into full flow.

Henceforth the refusal!

I did manage to send her a whatsapp message to honestly explain my side of it – lets see how I fare tomorrow morning. What do you think I should do?

Writing about the sounds of silence and linking up with Sanchie for Friday’s Reflections



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15 thoughts on “Fallen from Grace {Friday Reflection}

  1. I hear you…I like my time in the mornings too. When I don’t sleep in, my first hour is just getting ready for the gym and feeding the cats and pottering around. Once I’ve had my coffee, I feel a bit more sane. But the workout and shower help too and then I can converse more! Sounds like you’ve explained yourself to this lady and hopefully she understands. Keep us updated! Thanks for linking up 🙂

    1. Ditto Sanch- these early morning bits are so refreshing without much sound or talk!!! I was wondering if setting age has anything to do with my veering off in this corner but your comment has made me rethink that! 😉 Yeah she seems ok with my explanation!! Peace reigns for now….

  2. haha! I like to keep my conversations very short morning mein and maun vrat, listening to hymns and meditation are perfect ways to keep the day. Unfortunately, many people find No offensive.

    1. Thanks Vishal- I agree some people can be offended if you dont talk to them; but you win some and you lose some! I made it a point to explain and rest was upto her – thankfully she seemed amicable over it now!! 🙂

  3. I think you have the right to start your day as you wish…..not by having to listen to someone else’s banter. Hope she understands that and makes peace. I love to begin my day with quiet mornings too, so I totally get it when you refused her offer.

  4. I am a person of few words, especially with people I don’t know well. I’m introverted, and I don’t like chatter in the morning. Not that it is quite a “vow of silence” – I just need to wake up fully first. I’m glad the woman seems to have accepted your explanation, and that you can form some kind of acquaintanceship.

  5. I have always preferred quiet mornings. In fact, it would be better if I didn’t have to interact with anyone until at least midday. Not very workable with a family!

  6. I think you are doing just fine… I often find that when you are new to a building/place you try and be nice to others and from a simple Hi Hello you graduate to a daily walk and talk program and before you know it you are one of the gang and you are doing activities you’d rather not do.
    It’s better to be a bit cautious when you make new friends in a new place…. and if you want silence you have every right to get it. Even though I like to talk and walk, I would only do it with my friends and definitely not at 6 am!

  7. You know, Shalz, that’s precisely what I would have done….rather, I DO! I go for my evening walks, and since I have no friends in my colony, I walk by myself..I am my favourite companion, so, I cringe if anyone either stops me to simply make some small talk, or, joins me on my walk. I don’t even let my hubby walk along with me during these me-times! 😛
    People out there who are ‘social’ find us ‘selectively-social’ people quite the oddities. But, there’s really not much we can do except ignore and walk on! You have been so sweet as to send her a whatsapp message explaining your behaviour. I wouldn’t have even done that much! If she understands, well n good, if not, I would say, enjoy your walks and your uninterrupted morning you-times to the fullest!

  8. I like my morinings quiet too (I’m hardly getting any such mornings these days though). I don’t think that there is anything to get offended in turning down her offer. You are such a good neighbor to explain it over WhatsApp, Shalini.

  9. Me-time is so important to me. Maybe because I’m an introvert or because I grew up in a large family. I crave for some quiet time alone. 🙂

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