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The Call of the Wind that tugs at the heart strings! | #barathon |


” We were just sitting around the bonfire and enjoying the guys playing the guitar while some of us sang along. I don’t know when it happened, but suddenly I was aware of my hand touching hers and she didn’t pull hers away. When I looked at her, she too held my gaze and then before we knew it, we leaned across and kissed. I swear it was only a kiss. It only happened that one time. I love you and swear by you it won’t happened again. See if it had meant something, I won’t  be telling you about it. “

” The only reason you told me is because I caught you texting sexting to each other. “

” No, no, it doesn’t mean I am unfaithful to you. Pls believe me I love you. It was just a silly call of the wind and I got carried away. “

When did I become immune to this drama in my 5 yrs old relationship, I can’t recollect the exact moment or the exact girl; but somewhere I did get numb over it.

Maybe it was the furtive phone calls taken in the loo while I waited on the dining table to eat a meal together.

Could be the way we stopped having sex as I would turn cold at his touch, having realised he is coming from someone’s bed.

Was it when the compliments stopped, or was it when there were just too many in one evening?

Maybe it was when we began to have meals in such absolute silence that the cutlery crockery noises sounded like an obscene racket.

Or just maybe it was when I just knew that the “call of the wind” is just his way of letting me know that “I am bored of you now.”

It’s then that I realised he will never change and I have to choose either to live with his indiscretions or have the guts to walk out and start living again.

It was the call of the wind for me too, to realise that I have the strength and the option of making my choices for my life…………!!!!!!

This is the final post for the Barathon with Blog-a-rhythm and todays prompt is Call of the Wind which to me denotes the heart guiding the way! How do you relate to it dear readers?

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25 thoughts on “The Call of the Wind that tugs at the heart strings! | #barathon |

    1. Hey Namy thanks so much for being such a huge support during the Barathon- loved reading your posts and the comments on mine!!!

  1. This was the post I liked the most. It’s better to walk out of relationships where love has died rather than stifle yourself in false hope.

    1. I am glad you liked this post Akshata- it has a huge place in my life and it took a lot outta me to share it here!!! Thanks so much 🙂

  2. You just spoke out to hundreds and thousands of women (Men too). A very crisp post that puts across the message very strongly Shalini 🙂

  3. A relationship is a relationship when there is mutual love & respect!
    No one needs to face this’ I’m happy that you moved on?

  4. There’s no point beating a dead horse. Glad she decides to move on. Loved the imagery described through the cutlery noise. Cheers, Varad

  5. It’s always heartbreaking to be in relationship with a cheating partner. It takes a toll on the self esteem and makes one feel insulted too. Kudos to everyone who walk away and emerge stronger from this experience. I enjoyed reading your posts all through the challenge. Keep writing 🙂

  6. Move on is one of the most powerful decision to take to give wings to your dream and freedom as a person. One has the right to take a decision for growth and sanity of the mind. Relationships are often complex where you may be reluctant to move but comfort zone doesn’t empower. Cry if you must but see yourself as a priority:)

    1. Yes Vishal crying becomes the best option for a while till that also makes you numb!!! Thank you for your supportive words V 🙂

      1. I believe that crying doesn’t make us weak ot any of this fucked up bullshit that people say. One should be able to grieve and take their own time. You know you are not just venting out but pouring out unproductive emotions! Cheerz

  7. Carrying a dead relationship takes us nowhere. Moving on is sometimes the most important thing to do. Loved the post. It is so much relevant in today’s life.

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