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7 reasons why my stationery junkie heart fell for Matrika’s journal | #ProductReview |

For the past few years, I have been on a journey of self-love and expressing myself. So writing has become a huge part of my life in form of my blog and writing journals. Being a stationery addict and a creative soul at heart, I started picking up diaries and journals, whenever they caught my eye.

So when Matrika’s paper products launched this wonderful campaign “Scribble your heart away” of gifting a journal to be written about, I put my name in there and waited ……………………..

Never judge a book by its Cover!!

I was not disappointed! Gorgeousness arrived in the form of a teenage pink diary with gold polka dots and an exquisitely detailed butterfly on the cover which btw is such good quality in its binding and finish, that I was seriously impressed. The elastic band to hold it in its place is very firm and tight – doesn’t look like its going to let anything drop out of my diary at all. (I bet this is being stocked at Flourish and Botts – do check Harry Potter fans)


Messages to the writer in you!!

One had to fill a form and answer a few questions – I chose Writing to me is akin to dreaming; little did I know that the four different covers – The Feather, the Butterfly, the Fish and the Dragonfly – each had a tagline. My chosen answer ensured I got the butterfly, which btw is something I have a fetish for. So is it a wonder that  my heart was skipping as if I had chugged some Felix Felicis………..?

Talk about dreamy!!

Opening up the pages was like discovering a treasure for there are well thought of sections in the entire diary. Thing that really caught my eye (and a special place in my heart) is the pretty cursive writing used as font to title the pages everywhere. For me cursive writing is the stuff to write dreams, desires and spells with…. (ok – yes- I am a Huge Harry Potter fan)


Not to mention the lovely message to all women who dare to dream and be creative about it!

Colour your heart away!!

I wasnt expecting to find adult colouring sheets within but there they were. Some very artistically chosen motifs to be coloured in to stimulate the creative juices – I always love to take a break from writing by colouring something or even highlighting what I have been writing with markers.The lovely graphics are in tune with the cover theme and there are about 8 pages of these. – very neat idea!!!!


And yes there are some blank pages to doodle too when inspiration is on a low!!! Now wouldn’t you call this diary extremely thoughtful (almost as if its like a Room of Requirement) ? But wait I am not done yet….


Expressions that stick!!!

Stickers!!!!!! Yes- stickers. There are a few sheets of them in the back and boy are they whacky! Just what one needs to highlight an event or mark out a quirky anecdote for future reference!!! Wont my thoughts look lively and fun to read back now?? ( No, there are no SPEW badges here, but many others which will do very well too Hermoine!!)


List away!!! 

Just when I had thought I have seen it all, the next pages caught me by surprise. It was the well thought of Lists sections and what did we have here – A section for my To-Be-Read book list !!!! I was speechless when I saw it for this is one list I make and then update every month…….. (I seriously want to meet the person who designed this journal as he/she/they are no less than JKR in their imaginative thought process)


Second list was a Travel bucket list!!! Honestly I wasnt expecting such gems in this diary – whoever has designed it, is a serious journal addict to have included such ideas in it. (Wonder if there is a hidden broomstick or a thestral somewhere here too?)



Last but not the least, is an envelope stuck in the back page!! I always collect feathers, flowers and leaves on my walks which get shoved in between the diary pages, only to flutter out later whenever I open it. Now I can just pop them in this envelope for safekeeping! How ingenious is this? Doubly helpful to store some emergency funds too for I love to step out with just my journal, pens and house keys to sit under a tree and scribble away. Ssssh!!! this is a secret!!


Another huge advantage is the perfect size and weight for it to fit my Jholas and bags!! And yes a space to hold a pen too!! (or a wand 😉 )

My rating – E (Exceeds Expectations)

Is there anything that they could have missed??? What do you think my dear readers? Is this the perfect diary or is it THE perfect diary? What would you want to see more in it? Or perhaps less? I would love to hear your thoughts on this please………………………….

This post has been written for Matrikas Paper Product campaign ” Scribble your heart away “ and I have received a free journal to be reviewed by me and posted on my blog!!!!


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20 thoughts on “7 reasons why my stationery junkie heart fell for Matrika’s journal | #ProductReview |

  1. That is one beautiful journal, I had seen the campaign but was late to enter it. I am so impressed by the details of the journal that now I have to pick one for my self. I am a stationary junkie too but keep it controlled since I move a lot and packing is like Uff!!

    I enjoyed your detailed review, you brought out so many good things about it. Thanks.

    1. Oh yess Indy this is one helluva gorgeous journal. Sorry to hear you missed out on it and hope you will pick up one soonest!! I wish I could take a leaf out of your book and control my stationery urges too but……
      Thanks for you lovely comment – feels good to hear such praisefrom you!!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Fatama- I know exactly what you mean by that! I also got so very excited with the pink and the butterfly!! Its a gorgeous journal for sure.

  2. What’s with Matrika’s Journal? So many bloggers have reviewed this diary that I am getting curiouser and curiouser like Alice. I too am a stationery junkie and used to have collections of letter paper, origami paper, gift wrap paper, pens, pencils, rubbers ( yes we used to call erasers that!) even blotting paper and different coloured inks. Sadly I find all that just space occupiers and dust collectors and don’t carry more than a scribble pad at all times.

    1. It was a ocntest launched by them Sunita and I was lucky enough to be tagged by a blogger friend to take advantage of it!! I loved the journal as it made its way towards me and the pink and the butterfly motif is just perfect!!!
      My mom has also chucked away most of my shoe boxes where I used to hoard all thiis stuff in!!! I carry pretty diareis with me all the time. I end up buying them and also ppl gift me as they know I love them!!

  3. This is one of the best journals I have possessed so far, I have some kind of obsession with things that look cute and keep buying even sharpeners, golden binder clips, paper clips!!

    1. Me too Mahek – I have doodles scribbled all over my journals too and this one will be no exception though I love the special colouring pages!!!

  4. What a cool way to review- Harry Potter theme! 🙂
    You chose butterfly, I picked up the fish. You wrote today, so did I 😛
    MatrikaS is definitely super-cool!

    1. Oh that’s my second favourite one… shall check out your post right away.
      Thanks for liking my Harry putter theme…. heh heh just couldn’t resist with it being 20 years brouhaha all over the net these past few days 😉

  5. I love journals and loved this journal from your description. Your review is so unique, Shalini, going the Harry Potter way to show the awesomeness.

    1. Ohhhh thank you than kyou for syaing so Vinitha!!! I guess you are a HP fan too!!! I hope you pick a copy soonest for yourself too! 🙂

    1. Hey thanks so much Raney- I hop eyou do buy one for yourself- this is one helluva amazing journal and I am treasuring going through it!!!!

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