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She was gone!

The quiet of the room mocked him for sleeping so soundly to allow her to slip away again.

Why did she leave? Didn’t last night mean anything to her? The passion had felt real, it had woken something in both of them.

Throwing stuff into his suitcase, he packed up to check out. All along the ride to the airport, he scanned faces everywhere.

After several not so serious girlfriends, he found himself unmarried at 32. Yielding to parental pressure, he agreed to marry M- a match ordained by the kanneda wali chachiji!

Three years of unholy matrimony later, they both parted ways into an amicable separation. M headed back to Canada while he moved base to New York as the head architect of a leading design firm.

He had come back to India after a decade and to bump into her and how, had to mean something. He couldn’t get her out of his head now and vowed to straighten out things in life before looking for her.

Thirty two months later, he was a free man.

Filing for a legal divorce, winding up work in New York, he was now back in India for good.

Though Delhi was home, he hated the pollution and traffic which seemed to have multiplied hundred folds over the years. The noise and crowds threatened to suffocate him.

He yearned for a house in the hills where he would wake to the sound of the chirping birds and enjoy a morning run through the wooded terrain. He was nearing 50 and deserved a retirement of his choosing for all the hard work he had put into his career.

But he was a man on a mission and couldn’t afford to lose himself in pipe dreams.

First things first, he had to find the love of his life…….

This is the third installment in a new story that I started to weave; not sure where is this heading or how its turning out – dear readers what do you think?

Catch the first two parts here:

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11 thoughts on “When love strikes | Friday Fiction |

  1. So far so good…waiting to see how it progresses..however, I have a question..why do you use multiple colours to write a post?? As a reader I find it distracting at times.. hope you take this critique on a lighter note..

  2. I’m loving this story, Shalz. Now, need to go check the other two parts as well. Very interesting to see where this is all going to lead eventually. I love the organic way in which you’re weaving this tale. It can have infinite number of possibilities in my mind.

    1. Thanks so much Esha – this story is based on characters I see around in today’s times. People are willing to sacrifice and go the extra mile to get what they want – no putting it off under any pressures. Its our conditioning which stops us from thinking we dont “deserve” that – times and mentalities have changed around this thought; though some label folks like this as stubborn, selfish and single minded!!
      I do hope you get the time to read the other two posts… 🙂

  3. You have a way with words…I like the descriptions (floors fell away…), the contemporaneity, and the “edge of the seat” feel. Waiting for next Friday 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Rommel for the appreciation- feels terrific to hear so. Since I am in a blogging challenge, next Friday I won’t be posting on this story… skipping it for next Friday onwards…hope you will stay tuned for it

  4. I’ve got to go back and read the other two. So far with this, I am intrigued enough. I love the use of “unholy matrimony” — made me smile because I lot of people would continue to remain in that

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