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Purple [ #Guestpost ]

Please welcome my guest today, who doesn’t need any introduction as she is a very successful blogger and graphic artist – Ms.Tina Basu . She has spun out a thrilling tale for us. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.


 Please stop this noise someone! What is this noise? It’s unbearable.

She tried opening her eyes, but it was blinding white! All she could see was the white vastness of the abyss.

Where is this? Where am I? Ohhh, my head hurts… thousands of men are hammering a giant steel door. Why? Stop this noise!

I can’t feel my hands.  Can’t see anything! Why am I being sucked in this whirlpool? Where is this? Where am I?

Her head started feeling groggy. A sharp sound started coming through the trouncing reverberations.

The monitor started beeping faster.

“Now” instructed Dr. Melna in the micro phone.

She started feeling the tip of the fingers. She tried hard to move her fingers but in vain.

Why can’t I move my fingers! Am I dead? What is this sound, it’s killing me.

“Blood pressure normal, heart rate fast” announced Vixi.

Hope everything will be normal. Dr. Melna sent a quick text to someone from her phone.

“Signs of physical movement” announced Vixi.

“Initiate with second dose, now”, she said.

I can feel my limbs, but I still can’t move them. What is this burning sensation? What is happening, where the hell am I? She tried hard to think what last she remembered. But she could recollect nothing. The only thing she remembered were her little children…. her little girl was hungry.

It’s burning me….. Someone stop it.

“Heart-rate increasing, blood pressure increasing”

“Okay go on”

“She might not survive a third dose”

“Do as I say, don’t talk back”, she clipped.

The white light in front of her was becoming brighter by the seconds. I have to look beyond this brightness. My limbs are burning….

She had started trembling on the table.

“Heart Rate 100”

Wake up and show me what you have got said Dr. Melna to herself.

My heart is burning, my head is burning, is it fire, is it acid? She screamed through the brightness to come back in her senses.

My hands are bound? My legs are bound? To hell with it….. She pulled up her hands to break free from the chains with all the force she had.

What is this? The chain just broke! I feel different, why are the veins in my arms swollen and purple? She thought while her entire body felt the burning pain. She pulled through the restrains to break herself free. She screamed her lungs out in pain but there was no one in the room. No one except these metal  handlers.

“Where am I?” She screamed.

“Stop this pain. Noooo… I can’t take this anymore” she shrieked, tears running down.

“Administer the final dose” spoke Dr. Melna.

“Subject is not stable, Systolic 200, heart….”

“Shut up, do as you are told. Do it NOW”  shouted the doctor.

“Stop it someone…. Aaarghh..” she screamed in panic as the giant metal handler was lower on her and a purple liquid injected in her veins.

This burning liquid from hell made her yelp out. Her skin was purple and wrinkled. She scratched the hands in pain. The harder she scratched away at her forearm, the quicker the flesh fell away.

From outside the containment unit, Dr. Melna Howard watched on dismay as the subject perished to bones in front of her eyes.

“Pulse rate Nil” announced Vixi, the artificial intelligence assistant.

“Delete all data”, commanded the doctor.

‘Antidote failed’ she typed and sent the text message to her big boss.

‘Delete data’, came the reply.

Her decomposing body lay in the containment unit while the doctor walked away from the pod. Dr Melna had found her homeless on the streets. She was young and healthy and desperate for food and money for her children. She looked like the perfect subject for their secret experimental antidote.

‘I need to find foster care for these kids’ she thought, as she drove off from the building.


This story is part of guest submission in lieu of the ongoing  blogfest celebrations on my blog all the month of September for my blog’s first bday!self-love-first-birthday-giveaway-blog-blogging-self-hosted-shalzmojosays-prize-guestpost-writing-promotion


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20 thoughts on “Purple [ #Guestpost ]

    1. Yeah Holly this world is controlled so much by the power pockets; I am sure things like these are actually happening the world over and hidden well – thanks to the influence and money.

    1. thanks so much my twinkling friend; you are one of the blogger gems in my life and am so blessed to be connected with you. Thank you for celebrating my blog bday with me 🙂

  1. And to think that this is the work of a cutie heart stealer ? Chilling to the bone . Will
    Look out for purple the next time I’m having a blood test ( I think it’s some kind of reagent ? )

  2. Whoof! That was one heck of a story. I love how Tina prepare delicious dishes but this is annoying. Two different sides of her blogging skills; lip-smacking food tales and captivating fiction storytelling. Loved it! 🙂

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