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A trip to my Native place! [ Guestpost ]

Hey, I’m so excited to visit my native once again in December!

Every vacation, we visit different places, but then why do,


And do you also feel the same I do??

I have a big family with lot many cousins, from both mother’s and father’s side; say almost 20 to 25 of them. And it was like a ritual that every alternate year they will visit Bombay (Now called as Mumbai) in summer vacations and we will visit our native place (KUTCH).


With four masi and 4 mama and their kids…..the vacation was awesome (Won’t be able to connect if I use Uncle and Aunt).

When we used to visit them, all of us used to gather at one place in one room and play the whole day, coming out of that room only for two reasons,  first was the food and the second was nature’s call. My mama never liked us watching T.V, so I still remember that we saw Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge( DDLJ) in 13 instalments in his absence, because he used to come home and rest after lunch and come early at night. Can you imagine the desperation to see that movie…as we being in our teen age? Now, I understood where I came across the word INSTALLMENT FIRST IN MY LIFE!!

Whereas, at my masi’s place, they all were very fond of movies, so we used to watch movies whole night!! And sleep at 4 in the morning and again fresh enough in the morning to enjoy our vacations to the optimum.

And when they used to visit Mumbai, at our place, our family being crazy about cards and cars, we used to play cards whole night and the winner of the game sponsors the ice-cream party for that day. And for cars, three of my cousins have learnt driving two-wheeler in Mumbai!! And, the funniest part is they all learnt together, but dashing the stall of the same person at the same place thrice while losing their balance!!

AHH! What vacations they used to be…Are these memories, the time spent together and the love for each other the reasons, why I’m so excited even today to visit it?


-By MocktailMommy Karishma

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Karishma is part of the team MocktailMommies and blogs with them. She is a Homemaker with 2 kids and  a preschool teacher who loves to teach tini-mini’s.

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13 thoughts on “A trip to my Native place! [ Guestpost ]

  1. What wonderful holidays you have had . Reminds me of my own happy times with cousins. Indeed I feel these family holidays are even better than traveling to exotic locations in India or abroad …..

  2. Wow! Reminds me of my vacations which I took as a kid. We would either visit Gwalior (for Mum’s side of relatives) or Jabalpur (dad’s side of relatives). And, both the sides have large families, so the number of cousins would be huge for me, too! The kind of fun we had back then! I so miss it now, when we find it difficult to get together, what with everyone spread across the globe!

  3. Oh I miss the times I had with my cousins at nanis home. Those days were simpler yet more fun right ?
    Loved the post and Does look you enjoyed a lot 🙂

  4. Living in the city, I always used to love visiting my native place that is in the country side. I have such fascinating and fond memories of those past years. Thank you for refreshing them 🙂

  5. Wow! What fab vacations you have had, Karishma. I am still smiling at the 13 instalments of DDLJ. 🙂 Reminded me of my summer holidays with cousins. We used to do only two things… Eat like crazies and play from morn till night. Some memories…

  6. Such lovely memories! This got me thinking of summer vacations at my maternal grandfather’s, all cousins cooking up stories, playing games, teasing each other, catching up on movies on VCR! It has been a while since all of us took a holiday together.

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