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My Story – From Fear to being A-OK ! [ Guestpost ]

Part 1 – The Beginning

My story begins (like all nice stories begin) when as a young girl I would pour over travel magazines and day-dream about traveling the world!

As I grew taller, so did my aspirations, and I dreamt of working my way around the world! Living in different places – experiencing life – experiencing the day-to-day grind of each different country, culture and cuisine.

This was a time I believed anything was possible! I thought my whole life was ahead of me!

Part 2 – Growing Up!

Then, well, real life happened, and I grew up! I jumped head-first into adulting, and put my dreams of Travels & etc into cold storage – for a more opportune time, or when, well, all my dreams WOULD come true because they COULD come true.

Part 3 – Life!!!

So many years have passed since, and it was over a cup of coffee in a heart-to-heart conversation with Shalini of, that I aired out my dream of traveling (for leisure, pleasure and adventure) and my fears!

My fears of traveling alone, of being lonely, of getting lost, of not being able to even figure out the how to travel and the where to stay! The un-ending what-ifs!

And the scariest of them all … What if I hated solo travel! What if this dream had expired?!

Now, if any of you have ever had a real conversation with Shalini – you know she will tell you WHAT you need to hear, and not necessarily what you want to hear!


This conversation with Shalz was the tipping point in my taking the decision to take the plunge and travel solo! Organise everything myself from my hotel and train bookings to choosing my itinerary & clothes.

Now, if you know me, then you know I can be a bit of an enthu-cutlet at times!

So, I decided to kick off my Solo Travels with TWO travels this November – A combination of a bit of work, a bit of traveling and lots of unknown!

I travelled to Banaras (Kashi) on the auspicious occasion of Dev Diwali this year, followed by a trip for a Indiblogger Blogger event & Valley of Works Literature Festival in Dehradun.

So, what happened during these trips?

  • I did my own bookings – didn’t get lost or get my date or time or platform of travel mixed up!
  • I purposely meandered 😊
  • Met strangers – who are such incredible people, that I am quite giddy (with joy) to call them my friends now!
  • People are good, helpful and friendly & willing to teach you! (even when your questions are long enough to be a blog post in themselves!)
  • Same safety precautions apply as do when traveling in any city in any country.
  • Indulged myself by trying out different types of tea and coffee in various places in cups, mugs and kulhads.
  • Learnt a bit about the places I visited, the people I met, and a bit about myself too.


And finally, What happened to me?

  • I learnt to trust myself
  • My own company is A-OK
  • I can have my own itinerary, and it needn’t be the ‘popular’ choices or stuffed with things to do.
  • I can pause – at any point in my journey! For absolutely no reason, but just that I want to.
  • I truly do have a true love for masala chai /tea
  • My perspective, knowledge and understanding in some things expanded
  • My understanding that there are many things I don’t understand also expanded


Frankly, at the end of this adventurous November, I feel that traveling is fun and liberating whether Solo or in a group, and so is being Home!

In the end, it is the Joy I feel in each moment and the Happiness I can experience and share which makes my Life an adventure, and me, I hope, a worthy storyteller!


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About Ishieta

travel-story-solo-guestpost-shalzmojo-tourismIshieta is a practicing Reiki Master & Healer, Numerologist & Tarot Reader. An MBA and published author, she has set up Isheeria’s Healing Circles  ( along with Neera Sawhney Chopra (Astrologer, Numerologist & Feng Shui consultant) to help people Learn, Heal & (Re) Design their lives through the Esoteric Arts.
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15 thoughts on “My Story – From Fear to being A-OK ! [ Guestpost ]

  1. That was a lovely heartfelt post Ishieera. Eventually all journeys are travelled alone . It’s only the people we meet along the way that doesn’t make it lonely. Enjoy your new found confidence and wisdom to make even more pleasant journeys in the world

  2. Wow Ish, loved reading this bit about you! I still have to meet you and Shalz ( wish list) I still need to get comfy with making bookings I tend to skip up at times!
    Take care and keep traveling

    1. Thanks Z! Its LIBERATING! do it once, and you will know you don’t need to fear it! then, you can go back to letting others manage the logistics 😉
      definitely, add meeting us to your 2018 wish list! i have added it to mine!!!

  3. This is a beautiful story of conquering fear and of discovering that you are your own best company. It is something that I have yet to learn so this story is very inspiring for me, as well.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Its been a long journey to this point – and I hope you will give it a try. Let me know how you find it – perhaps, a solo coffee date with the lovely Alice 🙂

  4. Solo travel is awesome Ishieta! I’ve done a road trip on my own, a five-day holiday on my own as well as some days overseas. It’s the best thing ever and you learn so much about yourself. I loved what you learnt from solo travel and so glad you did it!

  5. I keep reading these posts on solo travel. It’s a dream for me to travel solo. So, each time I come across such a post, I feel the Universe is trying to tell me something. Urge me, perhaps, to put my fears aside, learn to trust myself and the world and just go on a solo trip!
    I think I need to have a chat with Shalz, too! What say, Ishieta? 😛

  6. Aha! That’s fantastic. Glad that you took the road less traveled, literally and figuratively, Isheita and had such memorable moments and memories. Wishing you more such travels in 2018! Cheers!

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