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Me and the Road [ Guestpost ]

Me and the Road

I’m a nomad at heart. Place me at any spot and I’ll go wandering around. I simply love seeing what’s around the place I’m in at the moment. Whether it’s my residential building, office, a shopping area, market, or station – I’ll be busy checking out what’s in and around that particular space.


I guess it all started when as a tiny tot of 3 years, I went all alone out on the highway which was near our home. My poor nerve-wrecked mother was terrified to bits imagining what could have happened to me when around our lane’s entrance I trotted in with jolly steps and cheeky smile. Thankfully, my mother was more relieved than angry with me, so I was spared from being whacked on my behind.

This trait of mine has remained constant throughout my life. In 2015, I had gone to the divinely beautiful Ranikhet for my close-friend’s wedding. As an introvert, there was nothing more soul-satisfying than being alone in the midst of nature.


While the journey was challenging albeit memorable, my stay there blessed me with quiet, peace, and solitude – something I was yearning for since quite a while. Even while travelling, chaotic as it was, there were moments when I reveled in travelling alone, though I was joined later on by my friend’s other friends who were invited.

I’ve travelled alone several times and I enjoy the independence, freedom, and responsibility it empowers me with. I feel like, “Yeah! It’s just me and the world. Let any obstacle dare to come in my way and I will vanquish it with my awesome will power! Till then, I shall make most of my journey and drink in every pint of it.” (I know, I know, a lot of medieval and modern lingo there but that’s how I talk).


So yeah, Ranikhet gave me winding roads, invisible birds chirping from every direction, tall tall trees, green bordered roads, and a bouquet of pretty flowers! But the best of all, was the silence that brushed across the leaves, swept down the valley, and whispered in my ears. Bliss!

I set off all by myself to the market and enjoyed roaming around mindlessly. I traversed lonely roads, trod uphill, and came running down the slopes just like a kid. I stood in the middle of the road, just for the fun of it, until a vehicle came down it after 10 minutes. It reminded me of my childhood days when I was completely carefree and adventurous. Ah, too good!

I didn’t want to leave it, ever. The chill mountain air was warmed by the pale yellow sun, setting a pleasant atmosphere to soak in. It was so nice to breathe in pure, fresh air instead of the usual fumes and gases of our cities. Plus, every now and then, I would drown in the pristine beauty of the scenery laid out in front of me. Nature’s artwork leaves one speechless. It’s an overwhelming sensation to be in the presence of virginal creation.


Sadly, good things come to an end and I had to bid goodbye to the enchanting Ranikhet. My travel back was even more eventful but that’s for another day and post. Suffice to say, I travel back in time to my days there whenever I’m in a mood of solitude. My soul delights then to remember those dancing flowers under the heavenly blue skies, sweet cottages tucked away in corners, and rich emerald slopes of Ranikhet.

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road-trip-vacation-holiday-guestpost-shalzmojo-bloghop-december-travelI’ve been writing ever since I was a wee tot. I would daydream my hours away, and capture my visions through poems and stories. In 2009, I discovered blogging – a home for all my writings. I love writing about the mundane everyday things, life, relationships, and overcoming trials. I also dabble in humour, horror,and environmental areas – varied I know, but that’s how I am – I revel in variety! Enough of me for now, I’ll let my blog posts do the talking. Cheerio! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Me and the Road [ Guestpost ]

  1. Ranikhet is near to where I stay next time do drop in:)
    Plus, I know how freeing it can be to travel alone, just done that once ( flew to Coimbatore)
    Lovely clicks!

  2. How wonderful to feel one with nature! The birds, the chirping, the cool breeze whispering sweet nothings in your ears and you – all by yourself! That’s sheer bliss, isn’t it? 🙂

  3. I think for an introvert travelling solo is one of the best experience!! Same for me 🙂 Loved reading through your Ranikhet experience – I’ve never been to there, guess it’s time to pass through the place!!

  4. Every journey leaves a foot print on our heart. I can imagine the peaceful feeling you have experienced through this travel. I my self enjoy such journeys a lot. Peace and tranquility are hard to experience in a busy city life!

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