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Travelling with kids [ Guestpost ]

Travelling with children, is not easy, but it’s not something that cannot be decoded by few tricks.

As, my children are now not in the ‘age group’ of slightly older kids, I will divide this post in two age groups.

Ages 6 months – 6 years

What to keep in the travel bag? (Plane/Train/Car)

  1. First of all invest in a good, sturdy travel bag/ diaper bag so that it won’t break down.
  2. A flask full of hot water, formula and cereal for babies. If your child is a little older, don’t forget to pack his favourite snack. And, some treats too.
  3. A favourite toy or book that will keep your child occupied. It could be a colouring book, or just a video game.
  4. Paper bowls and plastic spoons, to use & throw. So, you do not have extra work when you reach your destination.
  5. Disposable bibs and milk bottles. And, of course diapers.
  6. Lots of wet tissues, and hand sanitizer.
  7. A pouch of medicines with basic medicines and ear drops for sure if on a plane.

Always, carry one set of extra inner, socks, and make sure they are wearing comfortable shoes.


Ages 6 years -10 years

  1. Now, you need to invest in a knapsack for the child, and buy him something that he likes. It should be sturdy and roomy.
  2. Pencils, colours some puzzle solving books.
  3. An iPad/tab if you are not against screen time.
  4. A book, preferably about the place that you are visiting, so that the child knows what to expect. (Depending on the age!)
  5. Some easy favourite snack bars and perhaps a chocolate and some dry fruits.
  6. Journal
  7. Socks, because it tends to get cold in the plane
  8. A pouch of medicines with basic medicines and ear drops for sure if on a plane.

What the mum’s should carry in their bags?


 Irrespective of all the stuff, in the diaper bag/ knapsack, you should also carry a few things for yourself too:

  1. Wet tissues, because it goes a long way. 😉
  2. Pen and diary, book or kindle.
  3. Your favourite snack, for me it’s always a chocolate.
  4. Sunglasses, eye mask and some eye drops.
  5. moisturizer, which will work for the entire family.
  6. A lipstick and a hair brush, with some spare hair ties.
  7. And, of course your phone, charger.

What does your travel bag for your child, or for yourself look like?

I also like to carry some mouth fresheners and 99% of the times wear sneakers or easy shoes.

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8 thoughts on “Travelling with kids [ Guestpost ]

  1. The items mentioned in the post for a mom to carry for herself during travel is something that can be noted my every women. No matter married or not…or even a mommy or not 🙂 Wet tissues and mouth fresheners always come in handy!

  2. A great list for young moms. Wish I had this list a decade ago, Zainab 😀
    Though my son is a teen now, but my bag always has all the items you have mentioned 😀

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