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Visiting the Courtyard of Maidens in Udaipur

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Udaipur is known as the city of lakes and the Lake Pichola is one of its grandest lakes. At least that’s where every tourist is first headed or rather directed by everyone. But this city has plenty of quaint little nooks where one can relax for a bit, surrounded by nature.

One such nook is the courtyard of maidens or the saheliyon ki baari. This is a gorgeous garden built by the King Sangram Singh for his bride and her 48 handmaidens. He wanted to gift them a quiet secluded corner in the kingdom, away from the hustle bustle of his court.

The garden is laid out with manicured green lawns, four pools, marble elephants, lily ponds, bird baths and feeders and several fountains. There is a small yet gracious building which is now the museum which houses artefacts and history of this royal family of Udaipur.

courtyard of maidens in udaipur for scenic nature photography - rajasthan- india-desert region- travel- ttot

Lush pink Bougainvillea blooms can be found all over in this park with a pond of lilies, quietly guarded by charming elephant sculptures. The pond is bordered by little squirts of fountain sprays which diligently give out small streams of water.

One can roam around in peace and listen to the birds twitter about. It’s a great place for photography and provides a gentle respite from the desert heat in summer months. I am guessing its a much favoured spot by lovers looking to be romantic in such great surroundings 😉

Have you ever visited Udaipur? What was your favourite thing on that trip? Did you get a chance to visit Saheliyon ki baari?

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courtyard of maidens in udaipur for scenic nature photography - rajasthan- india-desert region- travel- ttot

Side Notes:

  1. Saheliyon ki baari have an entry fee of INR 5/-
  2. Its open from 9 am to 5 pm daily and there is no fee for photography.
  3. Udaipur is well-connected to New Delhi and other major cities by rail, road and air.
  4. There are some amazing homestay options in Udaipur and other hospitality choices to suit every pocket.
  5. The Mewar festival in March-April is a happening event in Udaipur and it would be great if you can visit at that time.


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25 thoughts on “Visiting the Courtyard of Maidens in Udaipur

  1. I have been traveling traveling to Udaipur almost every month for work and guess what… I never have the time to visit the touristy places. I have been to Saheliyon ki Baari and other places during a school trip. But I must revisit these old and beautiful places. Oh, next time you are in Udaipur, dont miss eating at Natraj, a thali joint!!

    1. Traveling to Udaipur for work can be a bummer as its such a gorgeous place to be in. I have been there twice and once I did have the thali at Natraj – I wasnt too sold out on it. Or maybe my expectations had been bumped up by all the reviews 🙂

      I loved the food at various other places that I ate there – the meat delicacies are to die for, for sure!!!

    1. Thanks Raney – I was charmed by the sweeping boughs of the bougainvillea – all lush pink and simply perking up th elandscape so beautifully!

  2. Wow! What luck! Such a quiet place to spend with your girlfriends/handmaidens, is, I believe, pure luck!

    On a serious note, I am glad the place has been maintained so well and gives people a few moments of respite from the crowded city life!

    1. Thanks so much JKheelam- thats so good to hear! Appreciation like this from a fellow blogger sure does light up one’s day 🙂

    1. Oh you must Shanaya – its amazingly beautiful. Actually all of India has so many beautiful spots to visit though Rajasthan is my favourite too!

  3. So pretty. Bougainvillea blooms so easily practically everywhere and in so many colors. I’ve heard of the saheliyon ki baari and the story behind it is quite interesting. I can imagine how stress-free the ladies must have been to have such a serene and beautiful place to relax in. Great photos, Shalini! Rajasthan is on my wishlist.

    1. True Vidya- the story is so romantic and charming! Such a thoughtful husband, making a private garden for his wife and her hand maidens! I havent come across something like this elsewhere in history! Bougainvillea is one of my favourite flowers as it creates a riot of colour in the driest of weathers. Rajasthan is simply gorgeous and I have been blessed to be able to travel to many places there! 🙂

  4. You know, Shalz. I did visit Saheliyon ki Baari when I had been to Udaipur. Somehow, I found it underwhelming. Did not feel so well maintained to me and definitely fell short of some other amazing gardens that I had visited. Loved the pictures you shared.

    1. Yes Rachna its not an amazing garden as the others, but its a charming nook by itself. I loved the Bougainvillea which were in a profusion all over. Glad the pictures appealed to you!

    1. Ah the universe and its unique ways Corinne – I bet its been directing you to something better everytime! Fingers crossed you will get to travel Rajasthan soonest 🙂

  5. Look at that bougainvillea. So beautiful. So when we went to Udaipur, I got sick. So sick that I spent two days in the hotel and VT of course was by my side. It still remains a place we could not visit. Maybe one day we will be back there 🙂

    1. Oh damn! Thats so sad when one falls ill on a holiday Parul! Hopefully next time you will have a wonderful trip down there! 🙂

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