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#WordsMatter: Its not that time of the year without……..

Its not that time of the year without one or two regrets pulling you up for not fulfilling your earnestly made New Year resolution. Yes people its October and we are now less than a hundred days away from 2020. Have you noticed it yet?

Last year I had happily settled into a pact of making the last 100 days count by doing meaningful things for self and others. I think I had some fun doing this and largely achieved the goal set within it. Missed setting it this year and that’s largely due to the hibernation state I have been in all year long.

I would have to judge it as one of my least productive year as I have been pretty much lax in everything – work, writing, photography, travel, fitness regime, reading, artwork ………. The list goes on!

And I have arrived at this conclusion as I sat down to write this post for Words Matter blog hop.

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Autumn- leaves-fall - bicycle -road

So my dear readers, I think its time I give one more try to pulling up my socks and getting around to doing something this year. I cant let it end on such a dismal note now, can I? Setting up doable goals as I sure as hell wont be able to commit to the whole shabam in one go.

So I am sharing my game plan with you in earnest hope that you will gang up on me or with me and push me to achieve these goals. You can say I am looking for “buddies” to cheer me on everyday to do at least 2 things on my task list daily. I am inspired by a whole lot of you as your positive updates, keep kicking my lazy ass. Are you with me?

Fitness Regime

I keep on mentally kicking myself whenever I see a positive post about achieving fitness goals of the day on my timeline from many of my friends. Rachna Sanch Rajlakshmi Parul – you are on top of my envy list πŸ˜‰

I had joined CULT again for the yoga classes but going to the gym has been draining for me. Abandoning this plan totally as its just not being put into action.

I have decided to go for a morning walk for at least 12 days in the month which comes down to thrice a week. This means alternate days in the week with Sunday a holiday. The goal is 4 kms in 50 minutes and I think in a week I should be up to this pace. I am hoping to walk a 150 kms in these last 100 days of the year. So who will successfully “bully” me on this, I do wonder?


Sundays I will try to start going out for the photography/nature walks that I used to so love doing. So many of Delhi’s treasured monuments are now being lit up in a dazzling lighting display. I must really dust out the gear and start with coming Sunday. Plus will be the extra walking that I will end up doing via this activity πŸ˜‰


I had finally set up the art table but then digressed as laziness whispered seductively in my ears. In a bid to be immune to her charms, I have decided to complete the mosaic water bowl thats been languishing on my desk due to lack of supplies. This will be a Monday thing, inspired from Shilpa’s arty mornings πŸ™‚ Wish me luck!


I read Corinne’s post today which spoke about setting up a daily writing goal which could be for as much as 500 words or a letter or a para. This got me thinking about an email I had received from a dear blogger friend Sunita who literally kicked my butt for not writing.

So setting both these feedback into my goal, I am going to

  • write 2 posts per week on the blog.
  • write and receive 2 guest posts for the blog.
  • I will also get around to write some of the fan mail I have been meaning to write to authors I really love reading. Two letters a week is what I am aiming for – fingers crossed!!!

I think this will be pretty doable for me as I have put in the right incentives into this – what do you think?

So these are the four things I am going to commit to push myself to achieve some milestones in for the moment. Hoping to see some positive bullying from my well wishers in this endeavor. Cheers to the last 100 days of 2019 guys!

Writing-words matter- typewriter- diary-journal-blog hop-story

I am participating in the #WordsMatter Blog Hop and this post is in response to the prompt “Its not that time of the year without”. This bloghop has about 42 participants. I received this tag from Sunita Saldhana at Sunita Saldhana It’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Lata SunilΒ at Hot cup of Kaapi




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34 thoughts on “#WordsMatter: Its not that time of the year without……..

  1. You know what stood out for me in your post? That we’re surrounded by inspiring people – whether it is fitness or art or photography – and yet we don’t take cues from them. Your goals make me realise that I shouldn’t give up on this year just yet and I love the idea of three-monthly goals. I like your walking plan. I remember you made that cat mosaic once, was that last year? Looking forward to your posts and pictures.

    1. Thanks so much Tulika. Yeah that cat table was ages ago and this water bowl has been on my desk since ages too. Hoping to complete it before this year turns.

      Yes I am really inspired by all the pics and posts by blogger friends keep putting up. These goals needed to be very doable as I am in a very big laziness slump- motivation is really nil! Thanks to Parul and gang checking up on me for the fitness goals daily-its spurred some action now.

  2. Lovely! Totally doable. But what you’ve missed talking about is what you have achieved – getting the blog active again and writing some brilliant posts and making a difference with your efforts towards an environment friendly world. I’m trying to walk for an hour every day – just because I have to!
    Looking forward to seeing your photographs and art work. Stay bless, Shalz.

    1. Thanks Corinne. that’s such a sweet feedback on my post. Yes you are right I have discounted the positives here and thank you for reminding me

      I hope to achieve some of these goals and feel good about the year.

      All the best with your walking goals, shall keep you updated on my activities.

  3. That’s an impressively specific list of goals. That makes them easily achievable if you put your heart into it. Good luck for the last 100 days of the year.

  4. I wish you good luck with your goals for the last 3 months of this year. Walking 3 days in a week is perfectly doable. Only that you will have to adjust your walk timings as per the winter season. I would love to see your photographs from around Delhi monuments. Your photographs of the artistic graffiti from Lodhi Colony is still fresh in my mind. The moment I read art work, the picture of your mosaic cats appeared in my mind. Please do plan a new artwork and start it. Click a picture of the inital WIP and have me asking for new picutres of various stages of completion at various intervals πŸ™‚

  5. Oh god! You envy me? :/ Now I am going to be your accountability partner and give you that much needed nudge all the time. Till you get bugged and say no.
    It’s never too late and your post is a perfect reminder of that. I would also love to pick up on a few things and make the year better. Thanks for joining, #WordsMatter, Shalini. You write from the heart and that is pure joy this side.

    1. I envy your dedication and spirit to the commitment of going to CULT so regularly Parul. I have been trying and trying but somehow its not worked out. So decided to reset and reboot some of such stuff in my life now. Making goals is great but if one is unable to stick to them, then a reassessing them practically is the next best thing. Feeling awful about the money I have wasted in taking out this 6 months membership but its just not working out for me.

      Thanks for the fitness check- love to be bugged. SO go ahead I need to be held accountable to make it a sure thing πŸ™‚

    1. Oh major envy at being able to stick to the fitness goals; I wish I could be diligent in that too. All the best with your writing goals Pragya πŸ™‚

  6. I love how you’ve listed down the 3 goals. I think the key to achieving any goal is by being clear about exactly what you want to do. You have aced that and it’s so doable. Now, every time you walk, for eg., share an update with #Day1 etc. That way you will feel even more committed. I am more than happy to nudge you along. Let’s share our fitness activities regularly to motivate each other. What say? Your writing goals are wonderful too. Reminds me that I have to start working on that guest post soon.

    I was just sitting down to make my weekly work plan that includes household chores too. Somehow it gives me calmness. Good luck and look forward to your updates.

    1. Thanks so much Rachna. I am hoping to complete some of them atleast.

      Yay on the fitness partnerships and I am happy to report that some of its being achievable.

      Making lists is therapeutic for me too and these days am doing more of them to accomplish more.

      Thanks to thyroid, my lethargy levels keep peaking and make me damned lazy- so pushing myself gets very tough

      I am also behind on that guest post. I think we both got caught up with stuff. Shall get on it now

      Wishing you a very fruitful and fulfilling October

  7. That’s a cool goal list. So inspiring to see you pumped up about ending the year by ticking off the goals. I am sure you will rock it. I loved the idea of Sunday photography walks. I miss those. Its so refreshing isn’t it, to appreciate nature and capture it as well! Thank you so much for the mention

    1. You are one of my fitness heroines-your yoga practice is just awesome. I love how well you document it and make it seem so easy too. Someday I will get there too-infact want to pick your brains to get started like you at home.

      I did end up going on the first photowalk of the year and season- it was amazing! Planning to head out this Sunday too.

  8. Attagirl! The end of the year is truly one to catch the guilt trip wagon. Same here! Meh! Wasted the whole year on watching God-knows-what web series. I think your list is totally amazing and you have a great chance of completing these goals. I’ve decided to read more and write a bit more too. Festive distractions are too many, but still hope I can earn some brownies before the year end.

    1. Thanks Kala. I wish you all the best with your goals. Reading more sounds like something I need to do too. There are still some books left on my TBR for this year.

      I have done away with Netflix for now but been researching stuff on YouTube – that’s equally addictive

  9. That sounds like a plan!! All the very best for your goals, Shalini, I am sure you will ace them and end the year with a lot of happy, enriching and productive things in your bag. I have to pull up my socks too. Thanks for the nudge!!

    1. Thanks Shilpa and glad to note this post has got so many peeps motivated. I am not sure how much I will accomplish but fingers crossed for 50% of them finished.

  10. First of, thanks for the mention!
    SO, how much have you accomplished since you wrote this post? I could be your buddy, push you to get out and get moving, or reading, writing or making art.I am pretty good at pushing people to follow their goals, you know? DO let me know when I can start nagging you! πŸ˜€

    1. Your forte is art for me Shilpa- please push me there. I think WA is the best or Twitter to get accountability out of me. I would love to finish this water bowl before the year ends and its pretty doable. I have just been slacking off ever since the fevicol dried off. Thats the painful bit about this adhesive-it dries up too fast and wastage is high. I need to get a new box and get working on this water bowl πŸ™‚

  11. You are on the right track, Shalini. I can totally bully you from time to time as I am a master at it here in my home. πŸ™‚ I like how specific your goals are and you haven’t gone overboard with any of them. Walking three days a week perfectly doable. I want to go out on a nature photo shoot, but never get around it. The simple reason being I don’t get time to do that. My time is always split between the three boys at home. Wish you all the best, Shalini. <3

    1. Thanks Vini and yes please feel free to bully me. I need it from all sides as I have been slacking off a lot. Parul, Rachna and Sanchie have ganged up on me and its working to some extent-so more to the party will add to the fun πŸ™‚

      Three boys!!!! Wow you have your hands full and I dont think you need to feel guilty or worried for missing out on stuff. Take it easy and handle what is doable at the moment. I am sure your chance for photowalk will open up as soon as the boys are a little independent of you.

      1. I will check in on you, Shalini.
        I have hope that the younger ones get independent of me, but I am sure the older one will never leave me alone as it is my husband.

  12. I think this year has been unproductive for me as well. Especially on the writing and traveling front. Days passed by and I just kept watching Netflix. In the first few months, I was reading a lot but now even the reading has dropped. I would love to be your “buddy” I need motivation and I would motivate you in return. Kya bolti tu??

    1. main bolti – haan haan and haan!!! Lag ja kaam par Balaka!! I need loads of push in the writing department now as fitness has 5 buddies ganging up on me πŸ˜‰

      You tell me where and how you want the motivation? I am keen to read more too this year as I have slacked off completely. Will DM you for this.

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