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ThursdayTreeLove: Yellow sprays on the Acacia tree in Satkhol

I am currently holidaying in a very picturesque and quiet hamlet in Uttarakhand where the winters have just begun to give way to spring. Upon my arrival here, I noticed these really beautiful yellow flowers on a Acacia tree. It’s definitely a variety of the acacia family, I am unable to identify which one as google is showing three different species under this picture.

I am going with Acacia Decurrens which is native to Australia. It’s commonly called Black Wattle or Early Green Wattle. It’s a valuable resource for extracting tannin fom its bark.

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The flowers are arranged in a thick spray formation and are so densely cloistered, it’s hard to notice any leaves on the trees. In fact the flowers are like little powder puff balls of yellow, bunched up very closely. The blossoms smell heavenly, perfuming the air around the tree with their glorious fragrance.

I have noticed several such trees in this area which seem to be closely related to the Acacia tree. We have our own version of the Acacia, called babool or kikar in local lingo. I have been going crazy taking pictures as the sight of the sunshine florals makes me very happy.


Have you ever come across a Acacia tree? What do you think of this one?

Joining in the #Thursdaytreelove linky with Parul which is a fortnightly feature every month.

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20 thoughts on “ThursdayTreeLove: Yellow sprays on the Acacia tree in Satkhol

    1. You are in luck then Shinjini- just behind your house on the pahadi there are a tonne of the kikar/babool/acacia trees that put forth creamish blooms which are very similar to these. They flower in Jan-feb and I hope next time around you do get to see them πŸ™‚

  1. I don’t know if I’ve seen this tree but last weekend I saw a tree with somewhat similar flowers that are used for stunning a fish so that it can be caught! I will share this photo in the next TTL

    1. Wow a tree whose flowers are used to stun a fish!! Now I wanna know which tree is this. Waiting for your share Sunita πŸ™‚

    1. This a tree native to Australia, esp Sydney. It’s called Sydney wattle on Wiki. I am sure you must have seen them down there.

    1. It’s a variety of the humble babool and so yes the flowers are similar. Babool flowers are creamier in colour.

  2. What a lovely one. Reminds me of bottle brush tree in yellow. Must have been so lovely to spot these, Shalini. So happy you shared. Thank you. I hope to see you back on the 12th. Hugs!

    1. Yeah this one was quite a find for me. I could spot them all over the mountainside and was amazed at the altitude this tree could grow in. Have already signed in with my post on yours Parul for this fortnight!!! Hugs

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