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Everlasting season of dreams & defiance | Fiction |

“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” –Henry David Thoreau

Pairs of lovers of every hue, lay entwined on the grass under the huge canopies of the Neem and Gulmohar trees. Some strolled hand in hand on the stone bridge, head resting on their partner’s shoulder, oblivious to the world around them.

She could hear the toddlers shrieking by the fish pond as their babysitters flipped out chunks of  bread which had the geese making wild dashes to gobble them as fast they could. They honked in frantic frenzy as they battled out to covet the gourmet favor

Large glossy dragonflies zoomed above the water lilies, buzzing amorously as they did so. The bees matched them chord for chord as they looped around, coaxing nectar from the summer flowers.

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season - bougainvillea - fallen flowers - wheelchair- park - summers - dream

A shaft of sunlight pierced through a gap between the forest of tall slim trees, landing on the strewn carpet of fallen flowers. The pink, peach, and white bougainvillea bushes were burgeoning with blooms which every once in a while floated down with a gentle caress of the breeze.

Now and then the carpet would stir and shift as the wind nudged it, the papery flowers rustling a sigh as they were joshed about. Their shades varying in the sunbeams playing hopscotch over them.

She twirled gaily on the emerald green, her poppy red skirt billowing out in defiance to her restriction. Her bare feet felt alive as they were aroused by the softness of the grass.

Maliha opened her eyes and turned her wheelchair around to head home.

I have written this post for the Fiction Monday-4 with Vinitha Dileep and this week’s prompt is “Season”. I have attempted to bring about the feeling of a summer day in the park in this story.

season - bougainvillea - fallen flowers - wheelchair- park - summers - dream

Also linking it with Pre-BarAThon that is being hosted on the blogging group. The prompt for Week #4 is Free hit- write on anything 

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15 thoughts on “Everlasting season of dreams & defiance | Fiction |

  1. I loved this one, Shalini. So much depth and what a beautiful message. That twist was the icing on the cake. You write so beautifully. I loved the imagery you created with words.

  2. Such a beautiful narration, Shalini! Agree with Vinitha—the imagery was very lucid! I definitely didn’t see that twist coming towards the end. Loved your story.

  3. I was wondering what the twist was…. got lost in your poetic description. But I admired the attitude of Maliha who could revel in the joy of the season despite her misfortune

    1. Thanks Sunita- this was written after so much thought; I had to really think of an ending that would make the story remain long after it was over. Glad you enjoyed that 🙂

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