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“Stationery Freak” what is that? – You may ask.

Well, we address someone in that title when he/she is obsessed with stationery- colored paper, notebook, pencil-case, pencils, pens, cute little post sticks, funky stapler, paperclip, journals, highlighter, paper file, sign pen and the list goes on.

How can you tell if you are a stationery freak or not?

Well, think about it

When you buy a notebook how much time you spend to look at other designs or color?

Or, do you get excited by gift card/postcard/new notebook?

Or, do you get excited by newly designed pen?

Or, do you just love getting New Year’s diary?

If you have answered yes to all of the questions. Then my friend you are a Stationery Freak.

I am also a stationeary freak. I feel very comforting going to the stationery to shop and writing in a brand new notebook. I think this obsession is one of the side effects of being a writer. People who love to write usually fall in love with notebooks, pen, paper and this kind of stuff.

Here are 15 things or feeling I think you can relate to if you are a stationery freak or slightly obsessed with stationery. They are:

  1. You cannot have too many notebooks:


Can you have too many notebooks? I mean you need them to write.

And if you are the stationery freak you cannot but buy those good-looking notebooks even though you do not need them.

  1. You choose your pen or pencil like you are choosing jewelry


I mean you need to give some time in choosing because you want the best one. First, you see one pen then you open it.

Then you try it on a paper or on your palm. Then you choose your favorite color. Then you browse for some more options.

It is like you are buying jewelry. Those who are not stationery freak they just grab what is in the front, pay and leave.

Not us- stationery is an important decision. Right?

  1. You mark your pen or pencil so that nobody can take them


I think those who have annoying little brother and sister will definitely agree with me on this one. You accidently leave your favorite pen or pencil unguarded next thing you know it is gone.

So what stationery freaks like me do, they mark it in any way they can so that when it is found, you can prove that it is yours.

  1. You cannot but stare at pencil pouches


Oh my god. I just love those cute little pencil pouches. Nowadays there are so many varieties and you just love to look at them.

And when you buy one new you cannot wait to show off with it.

I personally have 7 pouches and counting and one special pouch to use during exams.

  1. You match your pen with your notebook color


Do not you just love the picture here? How everything is matching.

I do not about you but I have color matching pen, pencil, notebook, 3 ring binder for each of my subject.

If you are a stationery freak and someday coincidently your pen outer color matches your notebook color, you will be excited.

Even you will tell the person sitting next to you- “hey, look. My pencil matches my notebook.”

Sometimes that person next to you will not be as excited as you are but I get you, bro/sis.

  1. You are a perfectionist when it comes to take notes


You may forget what the date is or where have you put the TV remote?

But when it comes to making notes you are a perfectionist.

You plan what are you going to write?  how you are going to write?, what color you will use?

And it takes about an hour to just to write one page of note.

I never finish making notes before the exam.

  1. You torn out a whole paper if you make a simple cut




The feeling when you start writing in a new diary or notebook and suddenly you make a mistake, it is just so annoying.

And often you have torn out the first paper of the notebook because of that silly mistake.

  1. You have several unused notebook, still has not decided what to use it for


Yes. I have a lot of notebooks that I have not used. Because I have not got the right purpose to use it.

Why would you ruin a nice looking notebook? Right?


  1. New term or new job is an excuse to shop for supplies


Yes. We all get excited about starting new job or class or semester or year. For stationery freaks, it is all about the goodies.

As soon as the result come and preparations begin for a new semester. I ask for money from my parents just to buy stationery and it is not always “one or two things” it is a lot of things.

  1. New pencil or pen attract your eyes more than anything


I have one friend who is also a stationery freak like me. We go to a stationery store near our campus every weekend to check out new pens and new notebooks.

New designed pens or pencils or highlighters give us such joy.

Only if you are a stationery freak you will understand that feeling.

  1. You have sharing issues when it comes to your pen/pencil


Yes. We stationary freaks have sharing issues when it comes to lending our stationery to someone else and sometimes it is so daunting when you know he/she might ruin it. ( No offense to my friend)

  1. You buy color pens even when you do not need them


Can you have enough color pens or sign pens or markers?

No you can’t.

  1. You have a collection of highlighters


Highlighters are so cute and nice looking. I doodle a lot with them and if you are a stationery freak you might have a collection of them.

  1. You love the smell of free new year’s diary


My father is a businessman. So I get a lot of New Year’s company diaries and calendars.  So I tell my father to bring them straight home after the companies send them.

Usually, we siblings have a fight about who is going to take which one.

I get so happy seeing those new diaries.

  1. Last but not the least you have OCD when it comes to your stationery


OCD stands for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

It is a serious mental health condition. One of its symptoms is checking something frequently and organizing every little thing.

Though you do not remember what you ate this morning or you do not remember washing your hair the other day?

But when it comes to organizing your stationery? You have OCD.

(No offense to the mental condition)

But if you are a stationery freak you love to organize your stationery.

So here are the 15 things that you can relate to if you are a stationery freak.Tell me what are things you do agree with me and don’t.

I will be available in comment section. Will love to hear your thoughts.

And lastly, I want to thank Shalini for giving me this chance to write in her blog and engage with her followers.

Thank you.

Guestblogger Bio

Fatama tuj zohora is a young freelance writer, soon to be a blogger, a designer and stationery, food enthusiast. She is starting a lifestyle/ opinion blog where she will write about life, society, culture, girly things with her own opinion. Fatama is optimistic who realized her passion for writing very recently and started sharing her thoughts through her writing.All the pics in this post are photos from pixabay and pexels.

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42 thoughts on “| 15 things that you can relate with if you are a Stationery Freak | Guestblogging |

  1. I never thought I could have something published in the internet alive to get read by someone..Wonderful experience…very thankful to you..Shalini. you have let me enter into your world.

    1. Your post is really rocked my blog- its doing pretty well and so many people have read and commented on it! Good job! Keep writing and you are welcome back anytime you have something more to share!! Cheers

  2. I am totally guilty of this, I can never pass the stationery section in any store without buying a whole lot of things from there, and guess what I keep them hidden away from my son who is exactly like me.

    1. Ditto Menaka- stationery is such a craze for me since childhood! I am still indulging it to this day, much to my parents despair as they cannot figure out why the obsession now!

    1. !!Salivating!!…excellent way describe the situation. yeah…when I see colorful, new notebooks and little small book, I do salivate to buy them. Thank you for your feedback @Corinne Rodrigues

    2. Me too Corinne; but I always go into bookshops n stationery shops with the ultimate intent of buying more stuff! I love rifling through these shops for their quirky wares 😉

  3. Oh, I could totally relate to all of it. I have a big drawer just dedicated to my colorful designable stationery collections. And I love flaunting it as well, but I keep them hidden too in case somebody tries to take it from me. Stationeries are love.

    1. Nice. same pinch.. I have a drawer with a lock..hiding my fancy notebooks, small notepad and favorite, so that my little sister or brother cannot take them.
      Thank you for your feedback.

  4. I nodded along for more than 10 points. I had no clue I was a stationary addict 😛 I love them. But wasn’t really obsessed with them or so I thought. Nice read 😀

    1. Ha ha Ranjini, I know what you mean. I am a self confessed freak for sure as I just cant resist buying new stationery wherever I go 😉

    1. Thanks Sunita – same is the case with me too; I guess we all turn into addicts and start collecting unknown to us!! 😉

  5. Okay.. the picture in point no. 15 is stationary-porn absolutely!!! I LOVE the matching red paper clips with pens… and those multi-sized rulers- Awesome! where did you get those? I totally ‘get’ what you are saying Fatama… stationary can brighten up my day! It’s REALLY NICE (I am so jealous) that you go and check out the new stock every weekend!
    I must add… I also love, pen stands and book marks! & ink-pens (which i barely use). Oh, & I LABEL my stationary @ work (just to be safe 🙂 )

    1. Stationery porn!!!! Oh my Ish, we need to meet pronto!! I will show off my new additions from my latest trip! 😉

      Thank you for the appreciation; I am bowled over by the way this post has been appreciated by all – all credit to Fatama for such a fantastic post!

    1. Thanks so much Divsi – this post ahs eally rocked my blog. All credit to Fatama, she has written such a swell post which has connected so well with loads of peeps!

    2. oh..yes…everytime we buy pens, the shop guy packs them in envelops, so before he does that I choose the colors and tell him to pack 5 or 6 more envelops. I do have to buy them but they are so nice..i cannot help it.
      Thank you @divsi for your feedback.

    1. Hey Shalzz so good to see you back- I have missed your sunny smiles and sweet comments. This post has been done by a budding blogger and I must say it got quite a response; am thrilled to bit over it! You must check out her blog too!

  6. Ooh I could have done that post. I looove it all – the diaries and pens and pencils, oh and those tiny notepads. They so darned attractive, it’s a crime not to buy them. i used to dream of opening a stationery store.

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