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Adjusting her Saree palla one last time, she walked confidently into a room full of her peers. The ballroom at Taj Palace was abuzz with conversation, laughter and clinking of glasses as the busy servers sashayed around the room, balancing platters laden with food, drinks and used glasses.
She glanced around, exchanging smiles and nods with familiar faces, even if she couldn’t put a name to few of them.
Selecting a glass of red wine, she walked across to the huge glass windows which opened onto the gorgeous aqua coloured pool, bordered by burgeoning flower boxes, which provided vibrant cover of privacy for the loungers around the poolside.

That’s when she saw him.

Attired in a crisp white shirt with widely spaced sky blue stripes over a pair of well fitted blue denim, radiating his trademark I-give-a-damn-attitude, he was listening attentively to his companion chatter away. Not even Tom Cruise could lay claim to looking this sexy in the popular Rayban Aviators as this man could.

 He looked up, probably felt her gaze, and froze.

He smelt the light floral fragrance before he felt her gaze touch him; it reminded him instantly of her and so he was shocked to see her standing there.

Pink!!! Hot pink or is it fuchsia pink, he corrected his thoughts with a smile. It’s always been her much-loved hue to wear and today was no exception. She had tried to curl her soft hair and they fell all around her face, framing it adorably.

She had interned at his firm for a year. Always shy, reticent but serious and dedicated at her work, she had never bothered to mingle with the others. He had tried on a few occasions to get her to talk but hadn’t been able to get her to open up. Something about her had intrigued him, pulling at his heart-strings. But she maintained her distance with an aloofness that was perplexing.

She remembered the way her breath would catch in her throat every morning at the sight of his freshly shaved face, a soft whiff of his aftershave lingering around him. She had given herself 5 years to work seriously before giving into the arrange marriage proposals – that was the deal with her parents. Besides he was her boss…..

Now as they stood facing each other, almost two decades later, nothing else existed or mattered. Their feet moved of their own violation and before they knew it, they were within inches of each other.

 By an unspoken mutual accord they linked hands before striding out of the ballroom into the waiting glass elevator. The floors fell away steadily as the glass capsule soared up.
Stopping at a door, he pulled out the keycard and looked at her questioningly. She nodded, taking it from his hands and swiping the door open.
The moment the door closed, the silence gave way to a roaring in her head. She couldn’t remember the sequence of moving from the door to falling on the bed, but then they were there. He was kissing her. She was kissing him back. Clothes were being tugged at, hands were roaming freely to caress warm bodies which were twisting into twining closer and closer.
The love-making was swift but gentle.
It was unfamiliar but comforting at the same time.
Sighing, they snuggled closer.

 Why did I wait this long to do it?
Is this wrong? I don’t even know if he is married?
I will not let her go again.
Even if he is, this felt right and I am not going to feel guilty over it.
This time, I will woo her properly.
Maybe this is the last swan song accorded to me before……………….
So Dear readers what do you think she means by that?
Is she going to stay or is she going to run? 
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33 thoughts on “The last swan song | Friday Fiction |

    1. Aaah Akshata , now that is one angle to ponder upon. He could be a man who is only interested in conquering and then walking away. Stay tuned 😉

    1. Thanks so much Sunita… Hmmm terminal illness is very cliched. If at all anything medical, I would make it as dramatic as a sex change 😉 but not illness….

    1. Thanks so much Radhika. Initially was going to leave it here but seeing the reactions, I am now mulling over an ending…

  1. Enjoyed reading this story, Shalini. Very engaging and interesting.
    If I go by the Last Swan song, I think she is going to run away.
    Would love to know what you have in mind.

    1. Thank you Shilpa… ending is WIP as I am mulling over several endings… but no she is not running away… 🙂

  2. Ufff what a chemistry between the two please don’t tell me she had already agreed to an arranged marriage. I hope they stay together. Love your story telling.

    1. Ha ha ha Raj… what if I tell you the end is not planned yet but it’s WIP… I am so blown away by reaction to this story, hadn’t expected this so much 😉 Thanks so much for your loving praise

    1. Ha ha Soumya , yes there is an ending to this but I am loving my readers reactions and loving what they are coming up with as an ending. 😉

  3. Really captivating story. You mentioned swan song, that means she is going away. Or not?! Would love to know about the actual ending!

    1. Thanks so much Jas, such praise feels so good. Yes there is something afoot- you need to stay tuned to read the sequel to this story. But I am waiting to see what my readers come up with…. 😉

  4. Ah! The worst question in the world – what if? What changed after twenty years? Maybe he no longer has any inhibitions. Maybe he never found ‘the one’. Her last swansong before she goes back to her husband and kids? There’s a lot of possibilities with this one. Waiting for the conclusion. Cheers, Varad

    1. Thanks so much Dahlia – second installment up tomorrow, hope you do catch it!!! I would love to hear from your again on this.
      And no, she is not marrying him…… 😉

  5. Did my comment just disappear? I love your story telling. I thought this would be the swan song – the one last thing she did for herself before she kept the promise to her parents and got married.

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