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10 Tips for hassle free Travelling with toddler [ Guestpost ]

10 Tips for hassle free Travelling with toddler

Travelling with toddler can be a difficult task if you are not prepared. They can have sudden mood swings or can ask for their favourite toy in the most inappropriate places!


Travelling with toddler can be fun if you prepared. We did a quick travel to a coastal town near Kolkata during our last visit with my two-year-old and had a great time. But that was possible because I was prepared for almost everything. Here are 10 tips for hassle free travelling with toddler that will see you through your next travel.

Pack Extra Outfits

You will hear quite the opposite statement for travel packing everywhere, but believe me, when you are travelling with a toddler you will want to pack those extra outfits. Not just infants, toddlers are famous for their tantrums and sudden mood to spill the milkshake or juice on their shirt! Or if you have one who has learned to open the zipper, the jacket will be lost in no time!

Pack Toys


Toddlers tantrums are hard to negotiate with. Pack some of his toys that he really really loves so that you can bribe them to stop a meltdown! My son loves cars and we took a few of his favourites and his meltdowns were managed with them.

Snack, Snack, Snack

Did I mention toddlers can have more mood swings than your PMS! Travelling with toddler can become difficult when you have full on board packages and he doesn’t feel hungry during the buffet timings! Room service always adds up on your expenses. Pack fruits, dry snacks, biscuits, granola to keep them busy and happy when they feel hungry at odd times. This is also true, once you become a mom, your handbag (which now is not a sling bag, but a gigantic bag that can hold half of your home) contains more items of the kid than yours.

Book Night Time flights

Changing any kid’s – infant or toddler – routine isn’t a great idea. Try and book night-time flights or overnight flights where they can sleep through the flight. Long flights are boring any which way and a screaming toddler on a flight will earn you many stares (and curses under breath).

Don’t forget your First Aid Kit

Becoming a mom means, being expert in first aid and health care! Believe me, its true. Don’t just pack a first aid kit in your travel bag, keep essentials like an antiseptic, cottons, band aids, in your handbag in a first aid pouch. Yes that handbag is roomier than you think, when you are a mom.

Invest in a Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are not just for infant, you get toddler carriers too for the times when your toddler is too cranky to walk or sit in a stroller! Travelling everywhere with a stroller is also a difficult task if you are not having access to a car exclusively for yourself. A toddler baby carrier will help in carrying your baby on your back as you would carry a backpack. Any good soft structured carrier made for toddlers would do the job.

Download toddler friendly apps

If you allow screen-time download some toddler friendly apps to keep them busy. Add some toddler puzzle games or shape games that he likes.

Mosquito Repellent

If you are travelling to a tropical country or anywhere within India, never, ever forget mosquito repellents. When I say mosquito repellents, I do not mean the ones that your plug-in the wall! Because your toddler will run out at the beach, in the garden – so get repelling lotions, fabric roll-ons, fabric patches that will be with your toddler where ever he goes.

Chewing gums and Lollipops


Crying Babies in flights is a nightmare. Whenever you see someone travelling with toddler or babies in a flight you pray in your head – “God please, let this be a peaceful flight”. Well the mom’s side knows how difficult it is to manage a kid who is crying on a flight. Most kids cry because of the change of air pressure that blocks their ear. Kids have thinner ear membranes and it hurts when the air pressure does its nasty jobs. Most kids howl and yelp during take-off and landing. This is the time, where you must keep their jaws moving. That will not allow the air pressure to affect the ears. Chewing gums or lollipops help during take-off and landing like magic.

Don’t worry about Others – ENJOY

For every single thing that your toddler does, everything will be blamed on you. Why is he crying, why is he running, why is he throwing this and hundred more things. You can never escape questions from others. They are not in your shoes and are not dealing with the toddler So grow a thick skin – sometime it helps – specially when travelling with toddler. Don’t try to make other happy, don’t worry about what others are thinking – enjoy your trip.

These are some tried and tested tips for traveling with toddler. Hope they will make your travel easier.

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23 thoughts on “10 Tips for hassle free Travelling with toddler [ Guestpost ]

  1. One more suggestion I would like to give the dads is TRAVEL EXTREMELY LIGHT. Last year, we went to Spain with our then 3 year old. We expected lot of clothes changes for the little one and packed a suitcase with all his stuff and one more smaller one for my wife. We were traveling for 2 weeks, so we invested in a stroller. Anticipating all this, I packed only few T shirts and a couple of jeans in an airline bag and I was saved. In most places in Europe, you are expected to lug your own stuff. Since the wifey was handling the stroller, the job of porter was by default mine. Because there were only couple of suitcases, I was able to lug them (relatively) easily (cursing and rambling dragging them through the cobble stone paved alleys :D) I bought a couple of T shirts over there and could easily manage.

  2. Great info you gave here Tina! A must read for every new mom indeed. I admit with guilt that I am also one of them who gets irritated by crying babies on flight 😛 I do not curse though…As i know how painful it can be on them.
    These are really great tips you shared. I will share it right away with few friends of mine who are new to motherhood 🙂

  3. Such useful tips. That last one about growing a thick skin is so important. Of course one should not inconvenience others but sometimes people can be very unforgiving. I read somewhere a family travelling with twin babies distributed small gift hampers to co-passengers in advance to apologise for the trouble. I thought that was cute :-).

  4. Ah! I wish I had read this post some 15 years ago, especially the last point. I was traveling with my 40-day old baby and both of us cried during that flight, he loudly, and I silently. I can still feel the stares and dirty looks of my co-passengers. But the passenger next to me was unperturbed by all the ruckus my child was creating and told me, ‘You are doing great’ and that did wonders for my confidence. So now, though I dont prefer wailing kids but I am empathetic.

  5. The last point was the most important one. I never liked to have a seat near a wailing kid before my nephew was born. But my perspective took a 360 degree turn after I saw my sister struggling to manage everything while she traveled with her kid. All points are bang on Tina.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Best way to travel with a toddler is to leave him at home with mother or mother in law. If all else fails let him loose on the plane and pretend he isn’t yours……..

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