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 My very first visit to Nandi Hills [ #Guestpost ]

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My very first visit to Nandi Hills

Staying in Bengaluru and not paying a visit to Nandi hills is something only I can do I guess. I moved to Bengaluru when I got placed into an MNC in the year 2012. But Nandi hills happened only after a wait of 2 long years. There were days in those two years when I got vexed up and planned to go alone as all my plans with friends and office colleagues were not panning out well, but couldn’t make it possible at the end.

So, I stopped thinking about going there all together! It was 2 years later that a friend from my training batch moved back to Bengaluru and she made that plan possible! Her school mates planned on a vacation for a couple of days and she was in charge of working out the plan of taking them around!

I was overjoyed when she asked me, but was doubtful as well on going as I did not know any of her friends. But Miss. Stubborn made sure that I went along! If not for her word that I’ll mingle-in just fine, I wouldn’t have gone at all.

We were all set for this short trip and booked an Innova to reach there. Nandi hills are located in the outskirts of Bengaluru; approximately 60km away. Bus transport is also available, but we chose a vehicle as it is more convenient with home pick up and drop. We started at 4:30 AM. For a moment it felt weird seeing those empty roads in the morning. I was so used to hectic traffic in Bengaluru that it is always a strange feeling to see the same roads empty. After an hour-long journey we reached the Nandi hills check point at 5:30 AM. It was a cloudy day and the landscape views from the ghat road were mesmerizing!



Yet again we could get a glimpse of that traffic in a literal sense again at the checkpoint. There was already a long queue of vehicles waiting to get past the checkpoint. It was a weekend and expecting one of the best weekend getaways near Bangalore to be free of the rush is a mistake.

The gate was opened at 6am for the vehicles to pass. As we moved ahead, tall eucalyptus trees welcomed us and the cool breeze swashing through was just amazing. There are many stages on Nandi hills where you can make a stop. We chose the very first one and skipped the fort situated on top of the hill as we had to head back by afternoon. The vehicles were moving very slowly as we reached the very first entrance of Nandi hills. So we got down from the vehicle and started walking instead.


I do not know if it was the fog or the clouds that covered the whole area and when we walked ahead, from a distance everything was a blur and left like it was just scenery painted in black and white. It looked beautiful though. On a closer approach, the white and black effect seemed to slowly fade away and we could witness the actual colors of flora. The bright green patches and tall trees which stand tall gazing the sky were a treat to watch indeed.



There were many tree houses constructed in-line. Not a typical house, but a shelter with stairs to reach it. Obviously, when we come across something like that getting a photo clicked there is a must. Sadly, a person who owns a camera often finds it difficult to get clicked a decent picture of them when their turn comes! I was no different in that sense. Well, I managed to click good pictures of my friends; I guess that is enough for me to be happy.




We moved ahead from the tree houses and reached the sunrise viewpoint. As it was cloudy, there was no chance that we could witness the sunrise. It felt as if the Sun and clouds were playing hide and seek. It was already 7 AM but still the fog didn’t seem to fade away. I could capture some interesting clicks as we waited there, near the sunrise point. Though we couldn’t manage to get a glimpse of sunrise the weather was just amazing to roam around. The feeling we experienced when the cold dew drop hit us was mystical!



After having fuming hot coffee at a refreshments stall on the hill we walked around and explored the hill.




Though my friends found the weather very cold, I was enjoying it to the core. They were quite shocked by seeing me not wrapped up in warm clothes. The cold never bothered me anyway! 😛

We spent around 3 hours there treating our eyes! I can’t specifically point out something to show my love for the place as I loved each and every aspect of the place. It was a memorable trip for me and I enjoyed every moment spent there. I loved the scenic beauty it had to offer!

Also it ruled out my misconception that exploring new places with people you barely know can never fun. I am glad that I was proved wrong and could actually meet few wonderful people.

A short and sweet trip of ours came to an end and it was time to head back. I left with a heavy heart, but silently promised myself to be back there soon again!

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27 thoughts on “ My very first visit to Nandi Hills [ #Guestpost ]

  1. I never visited Nandi hills though I had stayed in Bangalore last year. It felt great to.learn so much about the place. On a special mention (I should have searched for your Gujarat blog..) my trip to Gujarat Ahmedabad was awesome and I landed at the original Induben Khakrawala thanks to.your blog and someone else who had left a comment about it being in Mithakali. So thankyou. Keep writing Kheer!

  2. Wow! The black and white aura created by the fog and mist is captured so exquisitely by your lens. Makes me want to go on a visit to Nandi hills again. I think it has been 7 years

  3. I visited nandi hills twice again after that and each time the experience was different and beautiful.
    Thanks a lot 🙂 I am happy that my blog post helped you and enriched your experience.

  4. I dint know you live in Bangalore! I cant imagine waking up that early for Nandi Hills or any place except if I need to catch a flight. But its worth the view. Nandi Hills are beautiful I visited them a couple of times while in Bangalore. Hope to take my daughter there someday

  5. I had been to Bangalore long ago and couldn’t stay there for long. So, visiting its tourist spots is something I couldn’t indulge in.
    I loved the pictures..the foggy ones look ethereal! And, as you said, often we are surprised by how we can enjoy a moment with total strangers!

  6. The scenic beauty seems like a specialty of Nandi hills. I love greens. Its soothing to the eyes and soul. Thanks for sharing lovely pics.

  7. Oh I love Nandi hills. It’s lovely to see the landscape change… Looks so different from the crowded cityscape. Wonderful pictures. You brought back some beautiful memories.

  8. You seem to love hills and scenic shots from the top. I could actually feel the cold through your photos….. Lovely shots Keerthi. And it does happen……….you never visit a place till after you actually leave it. It happens to me all the time

  9. I really love your posts Kheer 🙂
    The pics are just too good and I really love the one with the tree ( as the wind blows)
    Haven’t visited but, would love to!

  10. Have heard a lot about about this haven for nature lovers and today thanks to your words and beautiful captures, I took a virtual trip to the Nandi Hills. Thanks Keerthi!

  11. I have stayed in Bangalore for more than two years and never visited Nandi Hills. I know, it’s a crime! Someday I hope to visit this amazing place. Those pictures are breathtaking, Keerthi. Thank you for sharing your first experience of visiting this gorgeous place.

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