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The Uncommon trip to Goa [ #Guestpost ]

The Uncommon trip to Goa

Our school organised trips every November during Diwali vacation which is why I never chose to go since it was festive time followed by exams once school reopens! So, my first trip happened way after I cleared my school.

It was an educational trip in the 3rd year of my graduation. Our Head of Department had tried to arrange for this for a couple of batches prior to ours but those did not make it. Things fell in place for our batch. Luck I would say!

When Sir announced it in class I gave my name in the excitement and buzz within the class. Later I realised, that I haven’t taken permission. Not that they would disapprove but I always seek my parents’ approval first. That’s how I have been!

The destination was Goa and since we were studying Microbiology and Biotechnology we had to visit 3 different places – Kingfisher Brewery that would help us with our Biotechnology lessons, National Oceanography Institute and Cipla Manufacturing plant.

And there are already so many words which no one associates with Goa! Educational trip – of all the things in the world! But as they say, a bad day in Goa is better than any day at other location!

The trip was simple. Accompanied by 3 teachers and 1 day reserved for sight-seeing, we got into the train at night.

We met at Vile Parle station and from there we became ‘group’. Mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement filled my heart as I waved to my parents. We boarded our Goa train from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. My friend and I had a long conversation that night as it was our first trip together. The train started at about midnight, so our conversation went few hours post that. While conversing we noticed a trail of cockroaches suddenly coming near the window and we both were terrified. Wonder who got them their tickets! Looking back, I can laugh it off now, but at that point and situation, we were scared. We spoke for some time more and then tried to catch up on some sleep. We could not sleep properly though. The fan was taunting us – Welcome to Indian Railways!!

The problem with window seat is you get sunshine right on your face. And that’s how I woke up! Wish I could sleep some more. I had to wake up since there was no option. To kill some time, I walked up to the next window and that’s when Sir called me. That’s never a good sign in classroom. Here, luckily it he was to our group and sharing his experiences of his college time and small talk about the place. Being from Goa he was getting nostalgic. I would cherish that conversation for a lifetime, it was the first time I spoke to him something other than studies. Our train was delayed but the snacks, games and the group noise never make you feel the delay. We finally got down post 12 pm.

Our visit to the Kingfisher Brewery was immediate so we headed there first and saw the manufacturing plant. Just as what we studied –  the fermentation process, the temperature control mechanism from book to real seemed enthralling. Now I understand why people say that learning and studying cannot be confined to four walls. We were so awestruck by the moment that the feeling of tiredness never crept in. Once the tour of manufacturing plane was over, we assembled together to proceed to the hotel. We completed the check-in formalities, got refreshed met again for dinner. Then like small kids we all went to nearest STD booth to call our parents. Mobile phones those days had higher calling rates. So, carrying them was out of question! 😊 and these days- NOT carrying them is out of question. Oh! How life has changed!

In the next 3 days, we visited the National Oceanography Institute where we were shown some videos of experiments which we studied. Visuals create a lasting impact for me and I still remember them. Travelling took a lot of time for us.  Mostly our meals were at the hotel where we were staying so taking all that into account we would generally visit a single place in a day. We got some 30 mins for shopping and I just picked up 2-3 things. Since we were late that day I remember the ride back to the hotel it could be straight from an action film full crazy driving. We were sitting holding the handles firmly.

One day we visited the Dona Paula tourist destination and then visited the beach. I wasn’t crazy for Goa like all it was just the fun of the first trip. Then we visited the Cipla manufacturing on the last day and returned to the hotel by sunset.

Our hotel was nice and peaceful and unlike today I hardly have few pictures of the trip because we did not have mobiles with the camera just someone who was carrying one we got prints from that. On the last night, there were some tricks played to scare with burning candles and bangs on the door we just ignored and slept to glory.

We visited the beach which was walking distance away spend some time just before leaving. Saw some crabs coming and going and then back to the hotel and ready to leave.

It may sound fun or boring to some. That’s how it was – My First College Trip without parents 😊


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35 thoughts on “The Uncommon trip to Goa [ #Guestpost ]

  1. Well that is actually an uncommon trip to Goa! Never knew you are science student That too a microbiologist!
    And, yeah back in the day cell phones were owned by just a few;-)

  2. I lived for 10 years in goa, my parents still live there, although i was not very excited living there, but the memories of the place are so vivid. Nothing can beat a beautiful sand and ocean in front of you, when you need to calm yourself down or just relax your mind. You visited most of the places around Panjim. Hope you had a great time 🙂 nice post !!

  3. How did you manage to sleep with those cockroaches crawling around? I would have left the compartment, altogether! 😛
    It must have been quite a memorable trip to Goa, isn’t it, Manisha?

  4. That’s such a sweet simple account of college trip. And uncommon it certainly was. There’s a joke in the family that if you cannot swim, do not eat fish and do not drink you don’t need to go to Goa. It is targeted at me since I don’t do any of those things. But Goa remains one of my favourite holiday destinations. Just like you said in your post – straightforward simple educational trips can be so much fun too.

  5. My first trip to Goa was an official trip and it was a visit to the Cipla Manufacturing Plant. I was working as a Brand Manager in Mumbai then. So thrilled that you have visited this plant too. Yes, first trips and that too without parents hold a special place in our memory chests! 🙂

    1. We should talk Shilpa guess we are from the same field. I loved the plant felt whatever we read in books there is someone who is following it. Over my working experience glad I got a chance to interact with both Mr. Y K Hamied

      1. Aha! That’s so awesome that you interacted with Mr Hamied. Since, I was in brand management, so I interacted with him and met Mr MK Hamied on almost daily basis. They are a so passionate about work and meeting them was always so inspiring!

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