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Short And Sweet [ Guestpost ]

Short And Sweet

In the capacity of the Manager of the house, one of my duties include planning long and short gateways for the family. This one is particularly challenging as well as satisfying!

My household is true representation of the “unity in diversity”. I call it “mini India!” Every one is unique and so are our needs, making my job as a tour organiser no picnic! Wait, hold on… these days, we have to revolve around the “giant little kid’s” schedule as he is appearing for first board exam of his life. This obviously translates to shorter and mini gateways and not far from hearth!

Last week-end, there was a small window of opportunity and I grabbed with both the hands. So what if it meant that we had few hours in the evening to spend together? City of Dreams and nearby areas offer great choices for such sojourns. So here we were, the “Mini India”, on our road to Thane “Talao Pali”, for a “Short and Sweet” outing! (To know more about it, click here)

We took rickshaw to reach there, to avoid parking woe. As the rickshaw started so did our fun! The little one being excited, started singing her favourite song. The giant little kiddo joined the gang. The infection spread and I jumped onto the bandwagon. The man of the house, looked in amazement. He clapped for us when we ended the song. And it was time to get down as well.

The moment we stepped out, I spotted an open chariot decorated with flashing colourful lights. The child in me, by now, has surfaced. Without giving much attention to the twisted faces of the men of the house, I went ahead and bargained with the charioteer. Satisfied with the price, I glanced at the kiddo. She jumped in and I followed her. We both grabbed the coveted seats. The men had to follow the suit. Absorbing the sights and sounds of the place was made gentle by the cool breeze. The lake, lined with trees and dotted with the yellow lights, looked tranquil yet glamorous. The round was over but my heart wished to go on.

We decided to take a stroll round the lake and enjoy the revelries. Negotiating crowds that thronged the chaat stalls, kulfi vendors and joy rides, we marched ahead. We made the train of sorts, with me as engine, shunting ahead. The boy scout got busy capturing the panorama through the lens. The kiddo was happy to dance and burst the shower of the bubbles. While doing so, she spotted the balloon seller. After much of negotiations with her, we agreed to buy a balloon and not the bubble maker. Both the parties were happy with the settlement.

Next on agenda was boat ride, which was again met with the little opposition by the men of the house. A gentle please by the youngest member however changed the equation. Luck was on our side. There were no queues for the ticket nor for the ride. The lake has “Shiv Dhyan Mandir” at its centre on a well-lit island. As we went around the lake, we were all lost in our own worlds. The boy scout was busy talking to the boat man. The man of the house was sat in complete silence and so did I. The little one kept on turning this side and that to check out the vistas!

Stepping out of the boat after the ride, I declared that we were to eat outside. A loud “Hurrah!” was heard by the passers-by making them turn their heads. This got all four of us cracking into a hearty laugh. Eating out was the cheery on the top! It was about 9 o’clock that we checked back at home, making everyone content enough to retire for the day, well in time.
Life is a journey, one should learn to enjoy the ride, isn’t it? What’s your story of the ride? Do share…I am waiting!

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Anagha Yatin is a mother growing with kids and a nomad wandering with husband. An engineer and a management graduate by training. Ex IT professional. Voracious reader. Die hard optimist. Recently discovered that she love to write. Started blogging a year and half with 7 other friends at “MocktailMommies Me Time” ( Now has another baby in fold, her own blog, “Canvas With Rainbow” ( She is always happy to be busy in thoughts!

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17 thoughts on “Short And Sweet [ Guestpost ]

  1. It’s necessary to find time to travel with the family, even if for just a day. I am so glad you could have a short break from your busy lives and enjoy a family picnic! It so helps in bonding better with each other, isn’t it?

  2. That was such a sweet getaway for your family. I’m glad you got lucky with the queue. I hate having to wait for long for tickets, it takes most of the time. Would have loved to see some pictures though! Nice post, Anagha!

  3. I’m sure it’s fun to stay in a place where you can plan days outing. Born and grown up in dlehi I miss such fun visits.
    Loved the post Anagha, and I agree life should be enjoyed 🙂

  4. This was such a fun read! I love short weekend trips more than long ones. Family time is the best time. You all must’ve had a great time. I love boat rides too!

  5. I do hope you didn’t sing “Wheels on the Bus’? That’s the most common song sung in our car these days when we go on any outing with the grandchildren. Occasionally I do sing a grown up song but the kids tell me to KEEP KVIET. But family outings are fun and it is a good idea not to take your car and spend half your time looking for parking!

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