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[ DIY ] – How to make your walls come alive with Photo Frames & Wall Stickers

They say walls have ears. What if I tell you that walls can speak too! What if I can convince you that they are the soul of your hearth and home?

Yes its true! Wall decor plays an intrinsic role in defining the look of the home. It can be further enhanced with some personal touch which will vouch for your impeccable taste.

Intrigued? You should be.

Walls are the cheapest part of a home in the sense of painting or applying some other form of wall covering like wall paper / cloth, etc. They are also the most vibrant things to do up to change the look of the entire house with one flick of the paint brush.

Apart from wall coverings, walls can be livened up with Photo Frames and Wall Stickers – both are an easy to apply option and there is a great variety to choose from in both.

Photo Frames:

One can play around with the arrangement of Photo Frames on walls in a number of ways depending on which wall of the house it is. I will try to explain with the help of some illustrations so that its easy to gauge their value.

The frames need not be in a straight line or of the same size – its best to play with sizes, shapes and also placement at various levels. Collages work best to highlight the mood of the pictures being showcased.

Focal wall:


If in the bedroom, this arrangement looks amazing on the wall behind the bed. One can personalise with wedding/honeymoon and other intimate moment pictures here.

Same arrangement can work really well above a dresser / chest of drawers kept in the bedroom/dining room/study.


Another way to do up a focal wall is by painting it a deeper shade than the rest of the walls or covering it with an attractive wall paper and then arranging the Photo Frames over it.

It’s not necessary for the Photo Frames to just have photographs only; one can frame postcards, quotes, posters, art, botanical prints and mix it in with the rest to create an interesting mix for viewing.



This is one of my favourite areas to display pictures and often the most overlooked space for doing up with Photo Frames. One can align the angle of the Photo Frames to match the ascending-descending angle of the steps and it makes for a very unique formation.

This space is ideal for showcasing growing up years of children, phases of relationships in the family or even according to holidays taken over a number of years. Basically a progression of years can be showcased really well in the Photo Frames and becomes quite a talking point at a party.

Tip: While doing up any wall/space for arranging photo frames on it, the best thing to do is make templates out of paper of the same size as the frames and then arrange them on the wall as per the design intent, height, etc and see how it looks. This way you are sure what you will get at the end of the exercise without spoiling the wall. Any modifications can happen in this stage, before fixing the nails in the wall.


Sharing two pics which show how well the landing space in the stairs area can be used to highlight with photo frames.









Another arrangement that I find quite fantastic is doing up the end where two walls meet. One can create a very interesting picture story which travels from one wall to the other.

Picture courtesy Pinterest

Sharing this picture from one of the most adorable cafe I had been to in a long time. This is the Chai Zai Cafe in Srinagar which was originally the photo studio of Mahatta company. They have ably utilised their amazing stock of black and white photographs to deck the walls which have been painted a warm sunny yellow.


This one is a shot taken in my home where I have painted the corridor area outside the two rooms a leafy green and then used an assortment on wooden frames in different sizes, colours and textures to create a focal wall in the house.


Wall Stickers

Now these are again an interesting item which can do wonders in lighting up the walls. And no – these are not limited to being used in Children’s rooms only.

Picture courtesy Pinterest

With the range available in the markets these days, one finds amazing digital art in the form of decals which will liven up any grown up rooms too like kitchen, study and bedrooms, etc.

Picture courtesy Pinterest

The themes for Wall Stickers range from cartoons/Disney, floral, kitschy art, fantasy, film star posters and many more – the choice is mind-boggling to say the least. And the effect that can be achieved is from playful to romantic to elegant…….

Picture courtesy Pinterest

One can also print them as per the design one likes – so there are custom options too in these.

The best part about both these options is that they can be applied as easily as they can be removed. Moreover their application is quite a DIY meaning that one doesn’t need to call in the skilled workmen to do the job.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the uber cool options in market spaces and personalise your home spaces in your unique style.

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 All opinions and view expressed here are mine in my capacity as a trained Interior Design professional who has been working in this field for more than 20 years now.


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22 thoughts on “[ DIY ] – How to make your walls come alive with Photo Frames & Wall Stickers

  1. Beautiful. I love photo frames on the wall but never had the chance to do it up at my place. I have dabbled in wall stickers but only those targeted at children’s rooms. All the images are lovely and seem like a dream to me.

    1. Thanks Anu; I hope you do get around to using some of these ideas. I feel putting photoframes up makes a home so much cosy and warm

  2. Great post. I actually love to experiment with different arrangements by hanging pictures in the wall. This post is loaded with many ideas that I could check out. My most favorite among these are the photo arrangement in the “two walls meet”. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Suja for your kind words. I love the corner arrangement too – it can be sensational if planned right! I hope you do try out some of these and share a pic with me 🙂

  3. I was looking for wall decor ideas and pops up your post. The ideas are beautiful..I loved the tip of having paper templates. Thanks for this beautiful post. will decorate my wall and let you know.

  4. I like the idea of showing growing up years along the stairs. All the designs on the stairs look so beautiful… It makes the house feel like home. I am glad you provided the layout…I could never figure out how to arrange photo frames.

    1. Thanks Raj- happy to hear that this post has been liked for its utility – I truly had hoped to showcase how to do this up as I think its one of the best ways to do up one’s home in a very warm and personal manner.

  5. This is one project I have yet to take on. It’s been 1.5 years since we moved into our home, and we barely have any photos up. Your post inspires me to take it on now.

  6. I’ve stuck some decals on a wall and they look really shabby once they fade. ( and they did so in a year) and when you try to peel them off , very often the plaster comes off too !

  7. I’ve wall decals in our living room. The idea of paper templates sounds great too. I liked the arrangement of frames on the staircase. Generally, this place looks empty. Putting those frames up there will make it vibrant. Thanks for the ideas…. 🙂

  8. Let me begin by saying I love the new look of your blog 🙂
    I have been playing around the idea of having photo frames put up on the wall. The frames are ready just the arrangement is under consideration.
    Thank you for sharing some interesting ideas.

    1. Oh thank you so so much for liking my blog Era- you have made my day with that!! 🙂

      I am so happy this post will be able to help you in being creative with the wall frames – do share pics once its done!!!

    1. Hey Thanks Kalpana – you could try many of the online portals for the wall decal options ; a good print shop will print them to size and scale on sticker paper too. Check your local area for a good photo printing shop!

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