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Invitation for Cross Guest Post Collaboration

Since past few years, I have been celebrating the last month of the year with a cross guest post collaboration with my blogger friends across the board. The idea is to make new connects, promote good writing and read some really good content. This cross posting is great for blog traffic and SEO too. All in all a win-win!!!

How does it work?

I am looking for 27 bloggers who will each write a guest post on a mutually agreed topic. These posts will go live one by one daily, all month. Everyday, I will tag the next blogger in line at the end of the post whose guest post will be uploaded the next day.

In return, I will write a cross post for each blogger on a topic similar to my blogging niches. And everyday, each blogger will post my guest post on their blog in the month of December. The day will correspond with the day their guest post goes live on my blog.

Note: No posting on Sundays

What will be the topics for the guest posts?

Since I blog in two main niches – Travel and Books; the guest posts will be based on these two only. One can get very creative with the content under these two headings. Everyone can make their blogging niche work under these two categories. So the collaboration is not restricted to just Travel and Book bloggers.

For example: A food blogger might want to collaborate but will wonder how to write on these topics. No worries. Write about the recipe of a local food that you sampled on a travel trip and just loved. Or describe the various cuisines/dishes tried by you on a vacation and how you compare it with your own cuisine.

Examples of Travel related posts

  • Write about the shopping you did on your last trip and picked up some treasures.
  • That load of TBR you cracked on the vacation that had been lying on your book shelf.
  • Tips & tricks for packing stuff on a road trip / planning that itinerary for a fam jam
  • Best Places to travel in your 20s / 30s / 40s / 50s
  • Top 10 things to do in ______________________ (pick a well-traveled/loved destination of yours and enlighten us on the fun that’s not to be missed out there)
  • Top travel apps that every traveler must have on her phone
  • And the best one would be a bucket list for post pandemic travel

Examples of Book related posts

  • 5 books you will love to read if you like Harry Potter
  • Your top 5 reads by women authors / women protagonists this year and which one impressed you the most, review that one.
  • 5 seriously underrated books
  • A movie better than the book ( you must have seen/read both)
  • A book revolving around Transgender / LGBTQ issues
  • How did the pandemic affect your reading habit
  • Merits & Demerits of Physical book vs Kindle vs Audio book

I am looking for creative posts and there is no wrong post here. The content should revolve around my blogging niches of Travel and Books. That’s why I said we will mutually work on the topic.

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Why should you write a guest post for me?

Guest posts are basically content that you create to be posted on websites/blogs other than yours and have a back link embedded in it which leads back to your website/blog.

Summarizing my top 5 reasons for indulging in guest posts below. You could read more on this here

  1. Guest posts are a fabulous way to make connections with a good community of skilled bloggers, thereby ensuring you have a great online network.
  2. Writing guest posts validates your credibility for writing about a particular subject/product/brand.
  3. Guest posts are a great way to generate SEO traction for your blog as the back link in the post ensures that people know where to find you.
  4. Writing guest posts is a great way to explore other genres of writing.
  5. Guest posts give you a connect to newer audiences and can increase your readers/subscribers.


1) Follow me on WordPress and Facebook 
( its mandatory for you to be on both these social media platforms to participate)
2) Share my guest post on your blog and tag my blog on it with this phrase ” Linking up with Shalzmojo for the December 2020 cross guest post collaboration” 
3) My post on your blog will also include a brief bio of mine, social media handles and a link to one of my older posts.
4) I will link one non competing post of yours with your guest post on my blog ( You need to send me the URL for it)
5) Participation to be confirmed by 15th October 2020 and Post to be submitted by 15th November 2020 but if you could do it earlier too, that would be great.
6) Promote your post when it goes live on social media and the hashtag for sharing is #shalzmojosays
7) If I don’t get the numbers, then will limit this contest to minimum 12 posts, with posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of every week of December 2020.
8) Only original content, no google/pixabay images, etc
9) No commercial promotion/angle in the post
10) Read, share, comment on others posts; both on my blog and my posts on others blogs.
11) All prizes will be couriered to Indian postal address only
12) In case you need to drop out, please do inform me in time.
 ( though I fervently hope you don’t 🙂 )

I will also need

  • Your blog URL
  • A brief bio of your self
  • One pic
  • Your social media handles

Last but not the least, Prizes

Oh yes there are going to be some goodies to be given away too. Active participation is one good way to earn brownie points for the prizes though ultimately content is king.

  1. A copy of The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern
  2. Amazon gift voucher worth 500/-
  3. A bag of assorted stationary goodies

I hope I have sufficiently inspired you now to get on your horses and drop me a mail at to confirm your participation.

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12 thoughts on “Invitation for Cross Guest Post Collaboration

  1. This is interesting, Shalz. I guess, I’ll drop in. It’s about 1 post only, right? As in, one post from & one for you.

    1. Hey thats awesome Ash- yes one post from you and one from me to you. Lets take it over email to finalize the topics, etc. Thanks for joining in.

  2. I am in. I am in. Ihope there’s still a spot left for me. I can write about Tasmania trip – top 5 Favorite things. Let me know if there’s any other topic you have in mind.

    1. Hey that sounds awesome and there is always a spot for you on my blog Raji- Love to have over! The topic sounds perfect. Lets take this over email and finalize it completely.

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